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The End


Back from the (almost) Dead!

If you've noticed at all, I have been gone for a while, and that's because I just came home from the hospital after 56 DAYS of illness!

It started on Thanksgiving day when I got up to clean and prep the turkey for the oven. I got it done, and was still very sleepy so I layed back down for a while waiting for my oldest daughter to come from the Detroit Parade to help me with the rest of the fixings.

When my daughter and her family came, I felt very week and so tired so she stepped in to help finish the food set up and carve the turkey and mash the potatoes we had cut up the day before. I just felt so weak and tired. I could not eat anything when it was ready as everything I tried to eat came up on me. I thought I had gotten the flu or something.

My girls fed their families as well as my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin while I slept on the couch.

The next day I thought I felt a little better, but still could not hold down any food and felt feverish.

On Saturday, I called my daughter up and she took me to my doctors' office. She convinced him that she thought I should go to the hospital to be checked out. They did admit me for tests and before I knew It, the next day I was in I.C.U for 5 days. Turns out I was suffering from multiple infections. First was a urinary tract infection, followed my lung infection that led to pneumonia, and third a very bad fungus of unknown origin in my blood with hepatitis C which I still don't know how I got that! I spent many weeks on several high dose IV antibiotics and then when my Insurance demanded it, I had to be taken to a nursing home to complete my treatment. I spent both Christmas and New Years in the hospital and missed seeing the grandkids open their gifts.

Thanks to my oldest daughter for everything to make Christmas go on as planned. Not only did she write and sent all my Christmas cards, she wrapped all the presents I had for all four grandkids, and THEN, she also prepared and served the family all time favorite dinner of Stuffed Cabbage for everybody and cleaned up everything too! This was her first time making it herself, and she did an excellent job! I cant thank her enough for that!

Right now Im home and she comes daily to make breakfast and lunch for me and be with me till my husband comes home and till I get stong. I can only walk short distances with a walker, and have difficulty getting up from the couch. I have fallen a couple a couple times the first day home and lucky for me I have a strong daughter, as she had to pick me back up off the floor on onto my feet again.

I'll fill you out again as time progresses.