In The Spirit of Halloween

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In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to see what really SCARES people and what superstitions you practice:

1. What frightens you you the most? I am most afraid of someone sneaking up to me, unseen, or trying to hurt or kidnap me. I've seen too many TV movies of people being abducted and dying horrible deaths.

2. Have you ever seen a ghost or had haunting experiences? One year after just moving into our last house, my husband screamed to me to come downstairs late in the night as he ran upstairs. He said that while he was in the bathroom (using the throne) he saw the bedroom door knob across the hall was moving back and forth, AND HE CALLED ME DOWN TO CHECK ON IT! LOL! He must have been too scared to check it himself as he was already upstairs at the time and HE DID NOT GO DOWN WITH ME! As I rushed down the stairway I heard a loud boom from the front door, and I hesitantly checked the bedroom and found nobody there,I ran to the front door and saw no one outside! I'll never know what was there,if anything! We bought the house from a elderly widow, and I don't know if her husband had died there, but even my kids kept seeing things and were afraid there and there was a cold breeze in some areas of the house. I do believe that spirits do visit us from the other side, but as of yet, I have not seen one SO FAR!

3. Have you ever seen a UFO or believe that Extraterrestrials have visited Earth? Yes, I do believe they have, but I have never seen one,there was talk of a bright light moving across the sky, but I wasn't sure if it was a UFO. I do know a man who told me about the one he saw floating above his cabin up north. He said it hovered above the trees and had multicolored lights moving below its bottom. He said that it finally rose straight up and dissapeard in a flash. I had to make a questionaire up for college about this subject. Out of 100 people who filled out the paper, over half of the people said that they have seen a UFO, and several more said that they believe that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth!

4. Do you have any superstitions? The only one I practice at all is knocking on wood for good luck when I mention about something that I hope will come true! The number 13 is not scarry to me, either is a black cat crossing my path! I know many people have at least one superstition. I bet every one has at least one superstition!

5. Do you dress up for Halloween in SCARRY or NICE costumes, or at least when you were a kid? I was always something nice, like an Indian, a bum, a belly dancer, or something nice like that, never anything scarry.


Off to the cemetery

Yesterday, my daughter, Caroline and I went to the cemetery to visit all the family's graves and decorate them with mixed silk flower bouquets that I made up for them. First we stopped at the husband's grandfather's grave, he died in 1921 and all the big upright, stones have been burried in the ground and the grass had covered most of it over. Caroline manned the shovel and cut the grass and weeds back, and then we wiped the stone so it could be read, and then placed the flowers above the headstone. It's sad in that part of the cemetery, because there is very little decorations on the graves of those who died so long ago.

Then it was off to hubby's grandmother. Her's was easier to find, because the big stone was still standing above the ground and has her picture on it, although it was scratched up from the mowers. We placed a flower at her's and went to the newer section to find my mother's grave.

Her stone was really covered quite a bit with grass, so Caroline cut the edges and trimmed it away. I put a lovely yellow and white rose bouquet on hers, because yellow flowers were her favorite. About 4 years ago I brought back half the ashes from my father who died in Florida, and burried them in a tin under the sod on top of my mother's grave, so a part of him could be with her, even though he had remarried for 20 some years to another wife after Mom died. ( No offense Mommy) Then we stopped at the hill just across the way to clean up and visit my grandparents grave. (My Dad's parents)

Our last stop was my husband's parents, who are located near the back of the cemetery. We had to trim a lot of grass on his mother's grave, and we cleaned up a little of the Dad's. I put some lovely pink bouquets on theirs. We have been quite busy (with all my illnesses) since last summer, when Caroline and I planted live flowers on all the graves. I want them all to know that we, our family, have not forgotten them, and still remember.

I wonder, when my husband and I go, I think that my girls will think of us and care enough to place a little flower at my grave. I'm pretty sure my Caroline will, as it was her idea to do it this month for all the grandparents again. But, even if they never visit my grave, I will understand.


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Italian town with our name

Above is a little town in North, West, Italy with our family name. It is high up in mountains and is a quaint little town with a very long history.

While I was looking up the family name in the internet, I came across an artist with the family name who made me stop and admire his art. I wrote him a short note about how much I admired his work and telling him about my search for family name. He wrote me back, thanking me in Italian. (I had a friend who reads and speaks Italian translate the note.) He told me that there was this town, in Northern Italy, with the family name, where it is believed that many of whom may have joined the army of Garabaldi and were transported as soldiers, to fight in the war against the Spanish to free Sicily.

I have not gotten any further than Sicily in my research, as I have not gotten dates or names beyond my husband's Great, Great Grandparents. It is a romantic chance that somewhere, years ago that a family member might have traveled from this quaint town to Sicily many long years ago. I find this fascinating! I wish I knew a little Italian so that I could search back further. I know there are geneologists who can be paid to do the searching for you, but money is NOT what I have plenty of at this time. Ha ha! We can dream, though, can't we?

I did find out that my husband's Great, Great Grandfather lived in Terracini and was a furniture maker by trade, and displayed his works in the lower level of their 3 story home. This was found out by a cousin who found me on the internet and have been also researching the family. She had traveled twice to Sicily and found the family home and took pictures. Her Grandmother had the same father as my husband's Great Grandfather. Exciting to say the least!