In The Spirit of Halloween

Afraid Shy Girl Bugging Out Alien Taser 1 Black Kitty Hay Ride

In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to see what really SCARES people and what superstitions you practice:

1. What frightens you you the most? I am most afraid of someone sneaking up to me, unseen, or trying to hurt or kidnap me. I've seen too many TV movies of people being abducted and dying horrible deaths.

2. Have you ever seen a ghost or had haunting experiences? One year after just moving into our last house, my husband screamed to me to come downstairs late in the night as he ran upstairs. He said that while he was in the bathroom (using the throne) he saw the bedroom door knob across the hall was moving back and forth, AND HE CALLED ME DOWN TO CHECK ON IT! LOL! He must have been too scared to check it himself as he was already upstairs at the time and HE DID NOT GO DOWN WITH ME! As I rushed down the stairway I heard a loud boom from the front door, and I hesitantly checked the bedroom and found nobody there,I ran to the front door and saw no one outside! I'll never know what was there,if anything! We bought the house from a elderly widow, and I don't know if her husband had died there, but even my kids kept seeing things and were afraid there and there was a cold breeze in some areas of the house. I do believe that spirits do visit us from the other side, but as of yet, I have not seen one SO FAR!

3. Have you ever seen a UFO or believe that Extraterrestrials have visited Earth? Yes, I do believe they have, but I have never seen one,there was talk of a bright light moving across the sky, but I wasn't sure if it was a UFO. I do know a man who told me about the one he saw floating above his cabin up north. He said it hovered above the trees and had multicolored lights moving below its bottom. He said that it finally rose straight up and dissapeard in a flash. I had to make a questionaire up for college about this subject. Out of 100 people who filled out the paper, over half of the people said that they have seen a UFO, and several more said that they believe that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth!

4. Do you have any superstitions? The only one I practice at all is knocking on wood for good luck when I mention about something that I hope will come true! The number 13 is not scarry to me, either is a black cat crossing my path! I know many people have at least one superstition. I bet every one has at least one superstition!

5. Do you dress up for Halloween in SCARRY or NICE costumes, or at least when you were a kid? I was always something nice, like an Indian, a bum, a belly dancer, or something nice like that, never anything scarry.


caroline said...

Omg...i can't believe you stole my idea...lol

that's fine...i'm just going to list what i am afraid of

Mallard said...

hahahaa... oh, you two! hahahaaa

Actually, the whole Halloween thing is a non-event Down Under (here)... nothing happens for it. Just a different culture, that's all.

Frightens me? Falling over backwards? Drowning?

Ghost? yes...! Really! Something I just cannot explain with reason!

UFO's? Nope.

Supersitions? Hmmm... does brushing your teeth twice in a row every time count...? I dunno...!

Halloween? Nope, never have. In 41 years I've only had 1 child knock on my door tricking and treating! We just donlt do Halloween down here!

Mal :)

Anonymous said...

it is a fact that when you look into your daughter guendalyns eyes today you can plainily and intantly see the inocents of jesus himself on her face,she has nobody for so long that it is tearfull,but still she shines like no other ,to walk in her shoes is to know jesus on the cross,and i am thanking GOD with all my heart for her right now,she is taking up a our familys cross and alone she is taking our children yo a better place and even though she has no help in any way from anybody,she hasnt said one word ,it is touching my heart,thank you lord for your gifts,it is the truth

wendy said...

IN this crule world today we live in if god has truley closed the door once in awhile he has to open his doors and show mercey and mercey is what get me buy.I love and think god everyday for not leaving me even when i do have to go throw the valley and if God wish to taking this blessing away again I will still love him so,but God does have his hand on my family right now and i pray will always will.thank you jesus and thank my hubby for writting that and sorry to my mom for writting on your blog but it show that he loves me.My one goal and alway has been to have my family understand God and if love and mercy on are poor soles good or bad,he forgives.thats Mom for the helping hand when i needed it the most,I didn't now just how badly I did needed it to get buy but thank you ,just in time

wendy said...

I'm afraid of the dark the most.and the devil and what god could do to people if thier bad.My mom made must of our custumes ,I don't think we ever bought one,I remmber Caroline being a queen of hearts card..but me a jepcey,wearing moms black and colorful dresses but thier must of been more than that,mom do you know?I know in six grade I was a mime.oh a cat was my favorite.