Tummys are full, all the family had fun, a good day was had by all!

Uncle Ed and Bunny / Grandpa Barlow

Wendy / Caroline

Sarah, Bunny and Matthew/

SARAH AND one Turkey /

Vegie Platter

The Small turkey in the
Popeils cooker- looks great!
Tastes great too!

Big grown up Amber!
Well two turkeys and tons of food later, and a second dinner on Friday nearly knocked off all the great food we had for Thanksgiving! Doesn't everyone look happy and contented? How thankfull I am to have such a happy family with me at the holidays. Hope everyone else has such a great time like we did.


Have a Very Happy THANKSGIVING !

As we sit down to our family dinner we will give thanks for all the wonderful gifts that we have received in this last year, and pray for continued blessings for the upcoming years for all our family and all our friends.



My hubby REALLY loves cookies with his coffee in the morning. He eats a LOT of them. Well, now that he's retired and staying home all day (and bugging me..,) he got the great idea to have me making all his favorite cookies from scratch in my nice new kitchen. Well, thats all well and good, but mixing the batter is tough and the pain it causes in my carpel tunnel wrists is getting to me. Luckily Darin and Amber have been over a few times and helped me mix up a few batches of cookies. So far I have made 3 batches of Oatmeal rasins, 2 batches of Peanute butter, One batch of Sugar roll outs, and One batch of Chocolate chip (doublel recipe) PHEW! The only thing is he dont realize that all those ingrediants cost a pretty penny. I guess he just likes to be spoiled like that. ( and I wonder if its not cheaper to just buy them already made, but he says mine taste better.)

Has anyone else got the mood yet to start baking for the holidays yet?

Well Thanksgiving is soon approaching and I have much more cooking to do this week. We have all the Kids and Grandkids coming to eat at my house as well as my Aunt and Uncle and possibly my Cousin to cook for again this year. I nearly got everything for it, but to get some fresh bread and rolls and a few vegies for the deli tray. Good thing Caroline always comes over the day before and helps peel the potatoes for me, cause they can be REALLY hard on my hands. Even Darin had volunteered to cut up some of the vegies for me, cause he says he likes cooking and preparing stuff like that. THANK GOD for good kids like that. ( both of them)

NA NA NA NA NA!, I have already set up my new balloon decorations up outside for Christmas! Bet I beat ya'all! ( now i hope its an easy winter so I can get them down again when the time comes! Otherwise they might be frozen to the ground till spring)

FINALLY! Got Amber and Darin's School pics too!

Here's Amber's 6th grade photo and Darin's 8th grade pic. It took a while to get to me, (and then I forgot to scan them right away, so Caroline reminded me) They are are certainly getting to be fine young people now. By the way, the shirt Darin is wearing finishes with " I was just thinking real hard" LOL! And Amber just loves Eyore and has lots of shirts with him on them.