What A BAD BOY! Saved by Oxy Clean!

Well in the past few months our Knight, the 11 month old black lab pup has been trying us at every turn. He's chewed up a bunch of plastic statues we left out for the winter in the pond area in the back yard, hes chewed up big holes in my Husband' s tee shirt and socks. Knight has destroyed over 10 rubber toys. He has tried to grind his teeth on my new dining room chairs. He's gouged up a 4 inch section of wall in our pool table room either with his teeth or his claws and ate the plaster! This week he got a hold of a plastic ink pen, somehow stealing it from my purse, and chewed it up to pieces and left a couple of big blue stain on my almost new blue carpet in the family room!!!!!

This little boy is heading for a quick trip to the human society if he doesn't get smarter and quit the chewing on everything! Its not like he doesn't have snacks galor. My Hubby buys all kinds of Milk bones, chewy sticks, and rawhide bones and he rewards the both of them after every trip they make outdoors to relieve themselves.

We tried Tide, hairspray, multipurpose cleaners, even gasoline, and could not get the stains out of the carpet. Caroline reminded me to check online for what the do. All the attempts to clean it just spread it further and just made it worse. Online I read about using OXY CLEAN laundry detergent mixed with 70% rubbing alcohol and a little warm water, and to apply it and let it stand for about 5-10 minutes on the stain. Later we rinsed it with some warm water on a rag and Glory BE!!! It did take the stain out! Let me tell you, that I had bought some Oxy Clean years ago and used it for an additive to my laundry, but I never noticed a big difference in my laundry, but NOW I am convinced that it does remove stains. If I didn't try looking it up on the inter net, I may have never found the solution to my problem.

I guess Knight has a reprieve for right now. but he is really testing our nerves and our patience.


Last night we discovered that KNIGHT ate two big mouth sized chunks of material off the bottom of my Husband's new winter COAT!!!! While he was sleeping the dog decided to munch on the coat for exercize. We found only small remnants of pieces of material laying on the floor below the coat that was hanging on the back of our dining room chair. !!! This little boy is heading for the dog pound really fast at this rate! WHAT ELSE ARE WE TO DO????


Boomers Great Adventure

I wrote this story for my grandkids back in 2004
and I was inspired by the story about their missing hampster they had. I envisioned this story happening to him. I thought that some of my readers would like to see it again. Someday I want to have a printer print this up into a real book form as a memory for my grandkids.

COPYWRITE 9/15/2004
Illustrations copywrite September 2004 to January 2005

Boomer and Nicky were two fat and happy little hampsters who live in a habitrail cage at Darin and Amber's house. They had a carefree life, filling their pouch like mouths with seeds and running around the tunnels. They loved sleeping soundly in their litte upper chamber. When awake, they spent a lot of time chewing long and long on their mouths full of seeds and getting fatter and fatter.Occasionally Darin and Amber would takie them out and play with them, allowing them to run up and down their arms or cuddling by putting their cheeks aganst their soft fur. Boomer especially liked rolling around in his big plastic ball so he could explore more of this outside world. He discovered that it was much bigger and more wonderous the more he explored.He saw huge, strange animals that would occasionally sniff the ball and then dissapear somewhere into another room. It wasthe dogs that lived there who were interested about this strange little creature in the plastic bubble was. They could'nt smell it, whatever it was, so they never bothered trying to get at it. Boomer was glad these strange creatures didn't try to eat him.

Boomer in ball/ Dog
On Saturday, Darin would clean their cage and make sure they had fresh food in their bowl. Boomer was sitting in his upper chamber munching some of his seeds, but when he stood up nice and tall, the lid fell off the top of the chamber. He saw that he could escape and thought, "Gee! I can go out and see some of the world. What an adventure this will be!" So at that, he climbed out and down the table cautiously. Soon he scurried along the floor down the hallway.

Boomer escapes
When he reached the living room, he scooted behind the media center and hid for a little bit, then quickly headed for the kitchen. There was some familiar things he had seen from his bubble, but there was also so many nooks and crannies that looked intriging. He was never able to explore there before. He hurriedly ducked into the crack between the stove and cupboards into a strange, dark world he have never seen before. There was tall drawers he climbed into and out of, and he was having a merry old time exploring the new space. In one drawer was a big bag of bird seed, so he packed his cheeks with some, so save for later on in his journey.Upon climbing down the last drawer he explored, Boomer saw movement in the dark and went to see what it could be. It scurried along the wall and Boomer followed. Suddenly there was a little light in the area coming from a small mouse hole in the wall and that's where Boomer met Buddy. Buddy was a Daddy mouse who has been occupying the interior of the wall with his nest of 5 little baby mice. In the corner, Buddy's wife, Sarah guarded the babies who peeked out from behind her. Boomer tried to introduce himself to Buddy. Buddy just stood there looking at him with a strange look on his face. Buddy was wondering just was was this strange animal with the big cheeks was standing before him.Buddy said, "What are you? And what are you doing here?" Boomers stepped up and told him, "I'm Boomer the hampster and I'm out here exploring this new world I found. What are you?" "I'm Buddy and we're a mouse family. We've been living here searching for food to feed my family here." Said Buddy as he motioned behind him. Sarah was in the corner sheltering her babies in the nest and she pressed herself further back into the darkness.

Boomer meets Buddy and Sarah.
Buddy retorted, "We don't like strangers, and we sure don't like stranger that are not like us!""Well!" Boomer said, "I don't want any trouble. I'll just get on with my adventure, and I won't bother you or your family. Nice to meet you Buddy." At that Boomer was sidestepping slowly toward the mouse hole in the wall. Suddenly a much larger, dark figure stepped out of the shadows to block the way.Bart was blocking the exit. "I say IF you go, WHERE you go, and WHEN you GO!" Bart exclaimed. Boomer froze in his steps while the big ferocious King mouse snarled in his face. "How did you get in here, and where were you going?" said Bart. "I just escaped from my home cage and was exploring this new world." shuddered Boomer, gulping. Suddenly Bart grabbed Boomer by the neck and squeezed, forcing a volcano of seed to spew from his cheeks into a pile on the floor. "And what have you got here!", exclaimed Bart.

Bart chokes Boomer
Bart growled angrily, "So your stealing food from us!""Oh no!" cried Boomer, " I just found it up there.." Boomer motioned up to the drawer space he had just climbed down from. " I was just saving it for later, when I get hungry." Boomer sighed meekly. "Any food to be found her is OURS!" choroused Bart and Buddy."You will pay for this!" Bart snarled. "Cheeks like yours might come in handy for hauling a day's meal to us. I'm not letting you go anywhere."For the next three months, Boomer was chained up by the neck in Bart's house under the dryer. Bart only set him free to seach for food while Bart stood in the dark shadows watching and waiting for him to bring a pile for him and the others.
Nightly the dogs of the house were put into their dog crate by the people to sleep. Boomer then would be on the hunt to find anything he could haul back to feed the mice. The more he brought, dog nuggets, bids of food from the cupboards, or any morsal of food from under the table, the more they wanted. The baby mice were getting bigger, and always cried that they were still hungry.Boomer started saving a few scraps of food in his cheeks, and when Bart wasn't looking, Boomer would drop a little extra for the baby mice. Sarah could only smile at Boomer as he went by, while the baby mice would cover the pieces with their bodies so Bart could'nt see.
Boomer knew that Bart was very powerful, and he didn't think he could win a fight against him. Boomer had been a fat, lazy little hampster and never had to fight anything in his life.After searching all night and bringing all he found to the mice, Bart would grab a big armfull of food from the pile Boomer deposited for himself. Then Boomer had to be chained up again and follow Bart back to his bed consisting of a sock under the dryer. Bart would drop a few crumbs in front of Boomer, then crawl up in his nest of dryer lint and sit and glare at him while munching on his goodies. The chain was fastened to a pipe next to Bart's head and any movement make the chain clatter against the pipe. At the slighest jingle on the pipe, Bart would sit up and growl at Boomer.
Boomer longed for the days when he felt so safe in his cage, munching his seeds and playing with his good pal Nicky. "Will I ever see Nicky again? Will Darin and Amber ever hug me, and play with me again?" Boomer wondered.During the day he could hear noises and movement throughout the house, but Boomer was sure that Bart heard it also. Boomer could see Bart's outline in the darkness, sitting and glaring at him.Boomer worked so hard, and Bart and the other mice demanded more and more from him each day.
Little did Boomer know, that his hard work was making him stronger, and was no longer a fat and lazy hampster.
One Evening while searching for more food, he could clearly hear the voices of Darin and Amber sitting in the dark living room laughing at some movie on television. Boomer ventured a little farther than normal in his quest to find food, while Bart stood nearby watching him. Boomer was listening to the kids voices, "I just got to try it!" Boomer exclaimed.In one quick leap, Bart attacked Boomer, trying to grasp Boomer by the neck and raking his claws in Boomer's forehead. "Oh no you don''t!" cried Bert. Boomer easily shook Barts now fat, lazy body off of him, sending Bart sliding across the floor. Boomer ran faster than he had ever run before in the direction of Darin's voice.

Boomer escapes to Darin With one great leap, Boomer was up on the edge of the couch and he scrambled ontoDarin's lap. "Boomer!" shouted Darin. "Where have you been so long?" Darin quickly picked him up and turned on the light to look at him better. "Oh! He's hurt!" yelled Darin. Darin then washed his hampster's sore head and hugged him against his cheek. "We've been looking for you for so long!" Darin murmured.
At that, Darin put Boomer back into the cage with Nicky while he watched them snuggle together at their bowl.After a good meal and a big drink, Nicky and Boomer climbed up together into their chamber and huddled close together for a long nap. "I've had enough adventure for a while, it's good to be home."



Almost all healed!

Many of you know I have been getting treatment at home from an abcess that the hospital lanced back in January on my upper left thigh.

Well, as of today my nurse said that I will be discharged from them as of this coming Friday! The cut in my leg has healed to the point now that the doctor told me on Monday that they dont need to pack the cut anymore with gauze. Yesterday my nurse said that in the last couple days that the cut has closed a LOT since she saw me on last Friday. Its only a dime sized hole now. It was about 6 inches long and 3 inches deep at first when I left the hospital. Amazing! I am so glad to have this over with.

This reminds me of when I was in high school, and I THOUGHT that I wanted to go on to be a nurse. In the middle of 11th grade I told my family that I wanted to be a nurse, and took college prep courses in preparation. I even got hired at Nightingale Nursing Home as a nurses aid to get the feel for working in that career. I started as part time.

Let me tell you, I loved working with the poor sickly patients, caring for and feeding and clothing them. I got really close to a lot of them. Some had dementia and many just had ailments that their family could not handle at home. The patients were very nice, and I loved helping to take care of them.

Later, after graduation, I worked there full time and I was transfered to the ward where the patients were worse off. I had a boy, then 18, who hung himself playing cowboy with a rope and cut off the oxygen to his brain. He could not talk, or walk and could barely sit up in his bed. We had a 23 year old woman who got MS after giving birth to her daughter, and could not talk well and could not walk. Her parents had her baby and her husband left her soon after the birth. She used an alphabet on a pad of cardboard to spell out what she needed because her speach was so bad. Later I had many patients die after having cared for them for over a year. I suffered from their loss and later changed my mind about being a nurse.

I went on to work in offices, and loved the interaction with customers and co-workers. I worked for 14 years for Holley Carburetor Co. as a Receiving clerk and later a Traffic Co-ordinater following shipments around the country to our Southern plants. But I was laid off when the company decided to whittle down and then close the plant here in Warren, Michigan.

After that I worked for 16 -1/2 years at Specialty Sealants, in Sterling Heights, MI, selling caulking materials and Waterproofing products to contractors in the area. I was the one and only office manager doing all the ordering, stocking the warehouse, driving the Hi-Lo, and doing all the customer service, recomending the right materials for the jobs.

Now, since my stroke, which was 5 years ago, on my birthday, May 7th, I was forced to retire and have gotten on dissability Social Security. I could no longer do the job I used to do. My job now is to take care of my hubby, Barlow, and together we try to take care of this home. He retired about a year and a half ago due to increased pain from artheritis in his knees.

I spend a lot of time helping my daughter, Caroline, by picking up her kids from school and taking them home on the days that she has to work those hours, and by going to going to Bingo on occasion. Time has slowed down, day by day, but the years keep spinning by so fast its like we're in a whirlwind and cant stop it! I feel like a 20 year old mind in a 80 year old body! How do I make it stop! LOL! (or do I?)
Just For Fun, this is mine. borrowed from my Caroline's blog.

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

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