Water leak led to Remodeling our kitchen!

Several weeks ago, we discovered Water, coming from under our cabinets, and leaking into the new kitchen floor on the laminate flooring we had done 2 summers ago. The laminate was swelling and buckling up at the ends. We thought it was a leak from under the sink, but my contractor while looking for it, found out it was a leaking DRAIN pipe that led from my kitchen sink to behind the wall into a main drain, within the wall behind the cabinets. It was flowing down the wall and onto the sub floor under the cabinets and out behind my stove onto the kitchen floor. Let me tell you, I was SO glad that it wasnt a leaky water pipe! Everything I ran into my sink and down the dran was getting into my lower cabinets and out onto the floor!

They had to take out the cabinets and all the old subfloor, and replace all the cabinets from the sink left to the stove, then apply a Mildewcide to the other plywood to kill the mold. Now, the house insurance paid for all but the plumbing work, and paid for the new cabinets, and MORE so that I had enough left to finally get my backsplash done in ceramic tile also. With a suggestion from my contractor we decided to do the wet part of the kitchen, around the stove, refridgerator and sink with ceramic tile also, so it can be just mopped up. I think it was a great IDEA! My kitchen looks so much more modern and up to date now! He did the counter tops 2 summers ago for me and they look so nice against the new cabinets and floor!

Here is the new lower cabinets from the sink left to the stove. ( one of the old cabinets remain right of the dish washer)

The wet part is the newer stripped subfloor after spraying with the anti mold product.

Here my contractor, starting to prep my untiled backsplash for the tile he was going to put up. He used rope to measure the seams between the tiles.

Here is a close up of the tiles I choose for the backsplash. The glass tiles put a real pop of color to the kichen. The color is blue lagoon!

The finished behind the stove area! Before grouting.

They laid cement board down on the kichen floor to accept the tile flooring.

Almost finished! The tiles are nice light tan!

Finished with the stove back in its home!

New floor and the fridge is back in place also!


Happy Birthday to ME!

May 7th was my 61st Birthday. Caroline had me over tonight for cake and ice cream to celebrate it. Here's some highlights. Barlow took me out for dinner at a nice resteraunt last night, he had the fish and chips while I had a Huge City Chicken stick! YUMMY! Wendy brought me over a nice "Grandma " tee shirt, that I'll model later.

By the way, Barlow and I celebrated our 40th Wedding anniversary on May 1st. Seems like only a short time ago in my memory but a long time in reality.

Happy Mothers Day!

This is a Mothers Day tribute to my Mom, Jeannine Potulski who died at the age of 45 in 1972. She passed with ovarian cancer. She was a talented woman who could draw, paint, knit, crochet and sew anything. She was a 19 year old bride in this picture with my dad, Art. She looks so happy here.
I miss her everyday and hope somehow that she is smiling from up above at us and my beautiful grandkids! She and Dad are loved and missed so much.