Momma IS at home

Well, I am at home, and in some ways, I feel kind of useless. It such a change to be home all the time, after working for over 35 years at a full time job. I have had a hard time adjusting to staying home, trying to find something to do with myself every day besides sleeping and eating. I think I need to get back to my hobbies, like painting pictures to keep me busy during the day.

I had a full time, important, managerial job at a contruction material dealership, and was proud of my accomplishments. I rarely missed a day, and I felt important and was paid well for my work. Now I can't look foreward to that anymore.

When I was younger, I used to paint oil paintings of scenery, boats at sea, or even animal portraits, and sell them at my work, or in yard sales, which brought in some extra money too. I loved it, but, my old paints have dried up, and I would have to replace them, as I haven't done it in quite a while. I have done some portraits of people, but I am not perfect, I can only get a close likeness, but it is pretty difficult capturing an exact likeness. Many people have purchased and own hundreds of my paintings and many relatives have too.

Do other people have this problem finding something to do in their retirement?

I'm NOT looking foreward to my husband retiring in a few years. To have him around 24/ 7 will be very frustrating for me. Not that I don't love him, but he can never make up his mind and does nothing rather than make a decision, and then he gets bored fast because he won't do anything different. He is so hesitant to go out and do anything I suggest. Most of the time he stays home and sleeps, and I go out with my daughter. I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL!

Any suggestions friends?


Well, I have been home, getting a little stronger every day with the great help of both my daughters. I have been able to get out of the house with my husband and the girls since the weather has been nicer. I still can't walk too far, so when we go shopping, I take the wheel chair to ride in, or in some stores, they drop me off at the door, and I ride the electric chairs the store provides. With the weight I lost during my illness, I have had to buy a couple new outfits in a much smaller size that what I used to wear. I haven't been this small since my youngest daughter was born! I wouldn't recommend anybody getting that sick to loose weight, but in a way, it has helped me to control my blood sugar and cholesterol. I just hope I don't gain too much weight back, since I can eat again, but really, my appetite, and my taste buds have changed a lot, and I can't stand a lot of foods that I used to love. I specially can't stand anything that is too greasy!
I'm scheduled for another surgery for the end of May to get rid of a tumer in my right perotid gland, or what they call a saliva gland. It started getting bigger around last May when I had my stroke, the doc took a biopsy of it last summer. I had to put this off until I had my left carotid artery surgery done to clear up a 90% blockage. I had that last October, but then I got sick again in November through January, so now I have to get it done. Since I lost the weight it looks like it got bigger, and probably has. It looks like I have the mumps on the right side. I am starting to have some pain in there, so I better get it out before it does get worse. Hopefully, this time it should be simple, just a couple days in the hospital. My only worry is if he has problems seperating the tumor from my face nerves, I could face some temporary, or total paralysis of my right face and eye. I hope not. Wish me luck. I'll keep you updated later. At least I will have matching scars on both sides of my neck. Maybe I will asked him to do a little facelift of the extra skin on my neck, to give me a more youthful look! LOL!


My condolences to our pal Mallard, who lost his mother this weekend, I wish the family peace in their time of bereavement .

Our family all went out to eat for Easter, my husband treated us. It was at the local Ponderosa steak house. We all at quite well, and had a good time.

Does anyone have any ideas for older kids as Easter presents, I had a hard time making baskets this year. The kids are too big to give so much candy to, and had no ideas what to give them.