The outside of the house is shaping up nicely!

The new roof is on, the new blue/gray siding is almost finished, and the new porch is up, but needs a few decor items to finish it. LOVING IT!

And, this is what it USED to BE.....

Here's the new porch, still needs a hand rail for the steps, and plant pot stands for the top of the rail. Note the new beautiful pole lamp at the corner, and the great new door we found. There is also gonna be white lattice at the bottom of the porch to the ground.

This is the new garden window for the three or 4 house plants that used to sit on my kitchen window. Its now sitting in the place of the old side kitchen door that was removed from the house.

This is the new screen house, in the back yard, my daughter, Wendy helped put up for me last week with our new picnic table and chairs in it. Sure makes for nice sitting when the sun is setting in the evening on our patio.

And THIS is what we love to hear and see with our garden lights while we sit in the gazebo, my little garden pond with the fairys dancing in it! So calming!!!!