Like my daughter, Caroline, the family urged me to photograph THIS icicle hanging from the gutter in the back of my kitchen ALL the way to the bottom of my house! It was born from a humongous ice dam coming off the back of my house. I never saw such a huge icicle in all my days! My Grand kids have been anxious to knock this one down, but my hubby said NO! it might knock down the whole gutter and the boards holding it up! ( I hope not!)

This is the ice dam that bore such a huge icicle! Lots of weight sitting in those gutters! We are expecting a warm up tomorrow and until at least Monday, and we are hoping that this melts ALL away before it creaps under our new roof and destroys our walls.! GULP!

Here are a few shots of out our front door of the snow drifts in the neighborhood. Most of the snow has compacted into ice mounds at this point, but we're hoping it will melt and go away real soon!

I'm still healing from the wound that had me in the hospital last month for 5 days. The home care nurses come each day to dress and bandage the cut on my leg and check on my sugars and listen to my heart. They are great ladies, but I will be so glad to be able to not have to have them come anymore. At least I have had no complications so far with it healing, but the healing is going VERY slowly! ( Which I am told is the way the doctors prefer it. Healing from the inside out) They tell me the cut has closed about 1- 1-1'2 centimeters in the last month, still have about a centimeter to go or more. YEAH- UGG!