A bounty of flowers in my front garden

This is my biggest one, its a Hybiscus bush with big dinner plate sized flower on it. It the prize of my garden in my front yard. I want to get others with different color flowers also. Im slowly trying to replenish the flowers in my front garden that my hubby accidentaly killed last summer.

This is a closeup of the flowers, beautiful!

These Black eyed susans I dont know the name of the plant, but they glow so nice.

I think these are Gerbera Daisies, not sure, but they are colorful!
This is a suculent plant in front, with a baby Hybiscus behind. The baby was planted I think by birds in another place in my front yard, so I moved it here. The suculent plant gets purplish red in the fall.
Here is one of the two snow ball bushes in the front yard near the house. I have a different type of snowball bush that blooms early in the spring, but its just green now.
This is the new Greek type statue that my hubby bought me last month at the nursery on sale. Because of Caroline having her lighthouse stolen last month, I got a metal cable and tied it to the large porch bench, so nobody will be able to steal mine so easily. She looks so nice on the porch.


Happy Birthday Darin!

Happy BIRTHDAY DARIN! Turned 15 on SUNDAY!

Here's a little interview I did with Darin for his birthday, he acted a little shy, but look at the 5 oclock shadow he is wearing. His Mom will make him shave that for school pictures the end of the month. The hats he's wearing was his gifts from his Mom for his birthday, we gave him money so he can buy more books or games or whatever he wants. We had banana cake with ice cream. MMMMmmm good!

We are so proud of Darin and wish him all the best with his future! With a loving and caring personality like his, he will go far in anything he does.


Another Free concert -THE COACHMEN

Sunday Caroline and I went to another free concert and saw The COACHMEN at city hall. They say that they've been playing for 41 YEARS! They played some Big Band music, as well as Frank Sinatra, and then played more, recent music, they played the twist, they played Margaritaville and many more favorites. Great Fun! I know Ive heard of the name of the group before, but just dont remember where Ive heard it from.

Its was a beautiful, breezy day when we watched the show, but it got really cool after the sun went down over the horizon.

Notice the older guy dancing in the forground with the white and black shirt. He appears at all the concerts and gets on the stage steps, dancing the whole evening long at each show. Hes a riot to watch. He even had a younger guy, dont know it their related, but he was asking a bunch of ladies to dance with him, also, or dancing by hisself.

Some of the audience was dancing on the little side road in front of the stage also. It was so cute to see what looked like a 70 year old man dancing every dance with a young teen aged girl who might have been his granddaughter. Got to hand it to him, I wouldnt have had that much strength! Caroline and I were just glad to Bee Bop in our chairs! LOL!