The whole family loves fishing, and Matthew and Sarah got to swim and fish at Metropolitan Beach this weekend. Too bad, Matthew caught a big one and lost it! The kids are all having fun swimming in my pool and fishing this summer. Time will tell who's the best fisher of them all yet!
My biggest was a 10 lb carp and Darin's is a 10 lb rock bass. The contest is still on.......................!



family picnic
Happy 4th Everyone : Here's what we did this holiday.
Our family, Caroline, Frank and the kids all went to Stoney Creek park and had a nice picnic with us on the 3rd. Surprisingly, there were hardly anyone else at the park on this warm and beautiful day. Too bad, Wendy and her family couldn't come, their car needed work on it and they couldn't risk driving this far to meet us. Hopefully we will have more nice summer days like this in order to have another picnic in this nice park. The kids got to do a little fishing and Amber swam in the lake a little. It was a really nice day.

barlow at boat Posted by Picasa

On Tuesday, we went out to our boat and checked it out. It was really hot and we didn't stay long, but he was glad to get out there and see the water for a little while. Ahhhh! Back to our air-conditioned house!
Hope everybody had a safe and wonderful holiday!