Caroline, Frank and family portrait!

I had the privilage to scan a copy of a Family picture that Caroline had made a few weeks ago at the Value Fresh store near me. They did a great job and everyone looks fantastic!


A very happy family for Thanksgiving!

Amber invited her boyfreind, Khalil, standing next to my new Blue and Silver tree.

Sarah and Darin in the play room

Wendy looks good!

Wendy with cousin Steve, Uncle Ed, Caroline, and Aunt Sally. Glad they could still make it for this Thanksgiving!

Sarah and Matthew digging in to the meal!

Darin and Khallil played some pool!

Amber and Khallil going to play some pinball.

Barlow and Frank got their plates, not enough room at the table, the family room is comfortable.

The lovely Caroline, looking great!

The Bufffet full of food!

Barlow getting his serving, happy dance! lol!

The Buffet, (2 turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, yams, and gravy, with sides of Vegies breads, cakes, pies, and jello. Caroline made the deviled eggs and brought her special spinach/ cream cheese dip for the crackers! Thanks Caroline!

Everyone loved the food and the deserts, we even made muscles and shrimp cocktail, for treats. Darin and Frank polished off ALL the muscles! Full bellies were the word for the day. Frank and Darin headed up to Caroline's freind , Barb's house last night for a chance to kill a Bambi's dad. Hope they get one, Darin is rooting to get one this time!


Still doing good!

Well, so far so good again! I saw the vascular surgeon today, and he doesnt think my corotids are quite as clogged as the hospital thought. He says its about 60% or a little higher, but they dont feel surgery is necessary yet. He wants to talk to the Doc who did my Cat scan once more, but he dont feel I need surgery yet. 70% or more they would do it right away, but he has scheduled me for 6 months from now. He also will discuss with my family doctor to folllow up with a cardiac doctor to check if the clots might be somewhere in my heart area. I got back in mid May for another ultrasound of my corotids again. Phew!