Amber Has Joined the Wrestling Team !!

Amber is one tough little lady, and last night, Sarah and Wendy, and I went to her school to watch a practice match her school had with another school's team in the area. She didn't win, but she gave a good fight against some VERY big boys on the other team. She has only had a couple weeks of practice so she's still learning. Her coach said that two girls students he taught in the past, went on to wrestle through college and one is going for the Olympics this year! She seems to have the determination to keep going, and isn't afraid that she'll get hurt.. So far...

They have kids as small as 60 lbs on up on each team, and they matched them according to weight classes.

The boys she fought looked a lot heavier than she does. At least we were her cheerleaders for the night and boy! did we cheer for her! Amber is in the red shirt and black pants.


UPDATE on Frank

Well, Frank is back home and is attending Physical therapy to try to get his fingers to move. Apparently it was definitely a stroke, and they found no problems with his heart. He will be out of work for quite a while with only one hand to work with. The family doctor is also going to have an ultrasound done to see about blood flow into his arm. Therapy is doing shock treatment to try to get the fingers to move. Lets pray that the therapy helps him get some use of his left hand and fingers. Only time will tell.

Sarah and Matthew's Birthday Party!

Matthew Blowing out his candles, at the combo Birthday Party for Sarah and Matthew. Behind him on the left is his Half Sister. Amanda, and to the right is his Mother, Wendy. Since their whole family has birthdays in January, they celebrate all of them at the end of the month. Matthew turned 8 years old on Jan. 18th.

Here is Sarah who just turned 11 on January 31st, with her two friends from school and her Half Sister. We had pizza, cake and ice cream and pop. Then the girls played pin the tail on the donkey and put fake tatoos on each other, including Grandma.
HIP, HIP, HOORAY! for Matt and Sarah!