Concert at City HALL. The As Is Band


On Sunday Caroline, Wendy the grandkids and I went to another free concert at Warren city hall. We saw the As Is Band for the second time since last year, and they Rocked THE HOUSE! They are THAT GOOD! There wasn't a song we didnt know. Sorry if the sound is a little garbled, as we were sitting front row in front of the giant loudspeakers. We thank the city for all the great entertainment we are getting from them.

The city has a big fountain with jets of water that shoot out of the floor in sequences and the grandkids had fun running through the waters before the show. So much fun for them! We cant wait to see what they have scheduled next. I promised the kids that I would take them to the city pool during the week when its not too busy because they have a playscape a regular pool, a hot tub thats huge, and a water slide and tubing in a flowing river in it..!

check out the band's website at : http://www.theasisband.com/news/