Had a triple biopsy on Wednesday.

I saw my family doctor last week and he noticed a note in my Cat Scan results that said that I had some type of growth going on in my throat at the base of my tongue. He sent me to an ear, eye and throat doctor to have it checked.
Last Wendsday he scheduled me for a triple biopsy of my throat, lungs and esophogus just to be on the safe side. He did a little scope in the office to see into my throat and just noticed some swelling of my throat near the base of my tongue, but could not see much else.
Let me tell you, when I woke from the anastesia my arms and the back of my calves hurt like charlie horses, and I was stiff and sore! I remained sore and the pain remained in my lower back , my hips and legs, and my arms hurt to raise them. It was great pain like I had been dropped from the table onto the floor or something. The doctor called me on Saturday and he said the pain was from the anastesia! Let me tell you, that I have had LOTS of surgery before and never had such pain from anastesia like this time. My family doctor recomended Advil for the pain, and by Sunday evening I was feeling much better, but still a little sore.

Today I went back to the ENT doctor for the results of the biopsies. Praise the LORD! The results were NORMAL! No sign of any cancers! Let me tell you, I was praying a lot since the operation while thinking of my Daddy, who died about 7 years ago from Mouth cancer. He had a growth under his tongue which was removed along with part of his tongue, a small part of his lower jaw and had lymph nodes removed from under his chin in his throat. The poor man had to liquify all his food, and drink energy drinks while he went through kemotherapy for almost a year, before the cancer returned in his lymph system again that finally killled him a year later. That picture was in mine and my husband's thoughts as we waited for the results of my tests.

I thank the LORD that I have been spared one more time! Now my next thing I have to work on is quitting smoking! Thats gonna be the hard part, because my Husband still loves his smokes, and doesnt want to quit. LORD give me the strength!