The Kids are getting big!

Both Sarah and Matthew got their new school pics and they are great! See how big the little ones are now!

Still waiting for Darin and Amber's pics yet. These are the "little ones" of the family, not so little now... Note Matthew lost at least 50 lbs. during the illness with his tonsils, and still has'nt gained any back. He looks a lot better now.


Good Weekend was had at the Cider Mill!

We went to the cider mill this weekend with our Wendy and her kids, Sarah and Matthew. It was so nice out and even our new puppy, Bunny had a great time throwing stones in the water and posing behind the big billboard. Cider and donuts! YUM!

The Construction is DONE for now..

The Bathroom was the last room to get done, and surprise! The contractor offered real ceramic tile tub surround and floors instead of the plastic surround and floor tile I ordered. They did a great job and Im so glad the work is done! Now we can relax and enjoy! New tub, new toilet and new sink! How lovely!

The whole house got Oak stained woodwork including the bath. We just love it. Oak baseboards throughout! Even Oak Crown moulding around the family room!