A weak try at Crochet Jelewry

I tried to crochet a bangle bracelet with beads with blue string, but it was very difficult to see the stitches that are so small. I will try again later with another pattern. This one is single crochets. Amber liked it anyway for an ankle bracelet. LOL!


I finished Amber's Slippers.

I just finished the slippers I made for Amber, she wanted Lime Green! She took them home, and later took a picture for me, because I finished them at the time that her Dad came to bring her home after staying the night one night this week.
Now I got to find a new project to crochet! I saw some cute ideas for some vests or shawls that would be fun. Ill look around and see what I want to start now.


My Crocheting projects, so far.

My first project, a pair of slippers for me. Not from a pattern, but followed a design I saw on You Tube. Not too bad, but stretched out real fast, so I added some elastic to the top to tighten.

Second project, I made a same color pair of slippers for my Caroline. Shes getting them this week. She inspired me when she asked me to teach her how to Crochet.

Now this is one of two slippers I am making for Darin. He chose RED as his color! He's got size 14 feet, so I had him try on the first one to make sure it would fit him. Alas, they too will stretch out eventually.

Now its on to making a pair for Amber, who requested lime green slippers! I hope they turn out as well. Crocheting has been fun again, havent done it for many years, need to research other projects to do later. I tried the crochet string, the ones you make doilies from, trying to make chrocheted jewelry, with beads, a little difficult to see the little stitches, but I'm trying it. Will post it if it turns out okay.


My new hair cut and color.

This is my new haircut and color I had done yesterday. I wanted to lighten the different shades of gray I had in my hair. I still had some light brown on the bangs and the back was a darker gray that the front area, that was truly white. The hairdresser didnt have an actual white color for me, but I picked the lightest blond color they had available. Now my hubby is happy he has a blond wife.LOL! I think I like it..... Do you?