Honor roll students

WELL ALL MY GRANDKIDS GRADUATED AND RECEIVED THEIR AWARDS FOR HONOR ROLL AND GREAT ATTENDANCE. Here's a few pics dedicated to them. Sorry I didnt get one of Sarah, but she is going on to 4th grade and she was on honor roll and had perfect attendance too.

Darin at awards ceremony for honor roll, he's going into 7th grade next.

Amber getting award for special Michigan presentation her school did. She's going into 5th grade next.

Here's Matthew , he graduated Kindergarten into 1st grade.

Grandma's a Ruinscape junkie

Gammamom is caught up in a fantasty world my grandkids brought me into. It's a game of knights and witches and all kinds of Goblins and other scary stuff and I am on a meriad of quests walking through a dreamland of wonderful places. My daughter, Wendy talked me into joining for a mear $5 per month so that I could build a house and enable me to participate in much more of this dreamworld. Grandma's got the bug, and as I see it, millions of other people also have it too. Why don't YOU stop by a www.runescape.com and see what all the fun is about.

I thought this was so funny and I just thought that everybody would like to take the time for this to load and watch. It's a skit of the evolution of dance and this guy can really dance like crazy :