Let me tell you about these GREAT Grandkids I have!

Now, Sarah age 7 going on 8 and Mathew or Buddy as we call him is now 4 going on 5 both in January and they are the children on my youngest daughter Wendy who is the more sensitive of my daughters, who reflects the quieter side of me, like I was as a young girl. She has had learned to be more outspoken in self defense as I did as I grew up.

Sarah is a beautiful shy young girl who loves her pet cat and it loves her tremendously too. She loves all animals and cherishes everything she owns and saves everything. She protects her things and tries to keep her little brother from destroying them. She does share willingly always keeping an eye on her things and keeping them close around her. She has the most beautiful olive skin and dark brown eyes that is someday going to mezmorize some young man into love with her. She a product of both the our Italian side and the American Indian other side of her heritage. She is smart and amazes me with her capacity for genuine love and tenderness. She has a talent for art like her Mother and me, and possibly may pursue further studies in that direction, who knows! If you got the talent, you should use it. I did for a while, but I didn't go far enough to make it a career. I just never made a lot of money from it.

Mathew, or Buddy is a charming and smart 4 year old. He's still slow in talking clearly, but he has no trouble asking for what he wants, and he's not inhibited in showing his smarts. He's been able to play computer games that would stump an older kid since he was old enough to move a mouse and sit up at the computer. He's big enough to look like a 7 year old, and who knows, might become a great football player or something, but I'm betting that soon he will show us that he has great things in that little mind of his and could be the next Einstein or whatever he chooses in his future. He is loving and has no qualms in showing it with great hugs and kisses. I see great things for this kid someday, just wait and see.....

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Let me tell you about my Grandkids!

Below you will find pics of my two oldest Grandkids, Darin who is 10 and Amber who is 9 now. They are the greatest Grandkids a Grandma could have. They are the children of my dear daughter Caroline who helps me so much and has shared so much of my pain and problems I've had with my health.

Darin is a smart and sensitive boy, sure he likes to tease his sister sometimes, but he's a good boy and is kind and easy going and will do anything for you without complaint. He loves his computer games and his Gameboy handheld and is naturally good at them. I have high hopes that he keeps the same attitude and really becomes a great young man someday. And I sure hope I will still be here to see him grow up and be all that he can be, and maybe see him marry some pretty little girl who will love his great personality.

Amber is a lover of animals and such an inquisitive,spunky, and opinionated young lady. That makes her so special. She can never have enought pets, and has several types in her managerie right now. She is ready and willing to adopt any lost or hurt animal, bird, and even baby field mice if she might find them slipped into her house. She even plays with insects outside and tries to nurse baby birds who have fallen out of their nests. Even if you tell her its impossible to save them, she has to try her darndest, even if she has to hide them and stay up all night and try to feed them worms or bread in secret. I admire her spunk and energy, of which she has enough for 10 kids her age. Still she can be a little girl, and a young lady and loves to help people in need of her help. Her teacher tells her mother that she loves to assist the other students who haven't quite caught on. Now if she wasn't so busy rearranging things constantly in her room, her Mother would like her to keep it neat for at least a day! LOL! I have great hopes for her to be some kind of vet or doctor and save the world, and be a independant strong young woman.
Next my two youngest Grandkids, Sarah and Mathew from my youngest daughters family.

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A Little bit more about Me

Like I originally said, I am a Mother and a Grandmother as well as a wife. Until January of this year I had worked for 16 years for a construction products distributor as the general manager, and until last year the only person running the day to day business.
I met many nice customers, and developed a good working relationship with many long time customers who I considered friends too. I did all the customer service writing up their orders, helping them select the right materials to use, and keeping up files on computer of all their purchases and account information.
I was in charged of keeping track of inventory, ordering more stock and expediting it into the shop, doing all the shipping by UPS or whatever needed and keeping it in order in the shop. I even drove the Hilo to unload trucks and move stock around. I was very good at keeping popular items in stock and not ordering too much that would have to be scrapped if over shelf life. During that time I never got any vacation, because the owner didn't pay for vacations, and only the minimal days of Holidays.
That was until last July when I got sick with Flesh Eating Bacterial infection last summer in July in a private area and spent 4 weeks in the hospital with 4 surgeries to remove both the infection and debrade dead skin. It took me two weeks out of the hospital and then I ended back in due to three blood clots that had formed in my leg and lungs, making it painful and difficult to breath with every step. Anyways.. I spent another week in the hospital to get rid of that.. during the big black out of 2003 yet!
Since I was the only one who usually ran the place, the boss's granddaughter did the best she could to quickly learn to run the place. She had to leave for her first teaching job out of college, and she trained her boyfriend who stayed. During the weeks I was in the hospital, the owner passed away after many months of fighting cancer of the lungs and brain and other things. The boyfriend did alright and was eager to learn. The son of the owner took over as my supervisor under his Mom who inherited the business from her husband.
When I finally returned in late September, the son was going to make the boyfriend an "on the road salesman" as he learned the business and I would continue to run the store. That continued until early January, when naturally, the business slowed down quite a bit. THEN! The Son actually laid me off instead of the kid. His reasoning was that he couldn't afford both of our salaries and he wanted the kid to stay and learn more, and try to drum up more business from new customers.

During January, February and March, and April I was collecting unemployment and was working a few hours here on call, until business picked up when the kid needed to go out and see a potential new customer. It was on May 7 th I had my stroke and ended my career in that company and I was actually scheduled to work for them. Let me note here too, that I rarely missed a sick day in all those 16 years unless I was so sick that I had to be hospitalized for a day, like the time I had a kidney stone and missed a day, or when my Dad passed away in Florida and had the fly out on Friday I left and returned to work again on Monday. Otherwise I was always there. That's gratitude for ya! HA! HA! No retirement fund, no nothing!


This morning I had my leg checked at the hospital, they did a thing called doppler that can dected if there's anything blocking my leg arteries. They didn't find any so I am so lucky. I guess it's just muscle strain and I should be alright.. so far.
The doppler is kind of like ultrasound but can read blood pressure too.


Glad to be home

Hi Everyone.
I have been home for little more than a week and a half and am still very swollen and numb, but relatively no pain. I think as the swelling is going down, the numbness might subside slowly too. I have a pretty big cut, from just below the ear to just above the collar bone, but the doc says I was lucky he got in there when he did, as two clots were breaking off and trying to work their way up to my brain which would have caused another stroke.

I'm having a little muscle pain in the back of my left leg, and remembering an illness I had last year, it turned out to be a blood clot forming in my left leg and had to go into the hospital again for some clot busting drugs because I was also having two clots in my lungs and one in my leg from all the bed rest I had that time. I think I will contact my doctor, just in case he wants to check it out to be sure. I then had returned to the hospital because I could barely catch my breath too.

My daughters were just great, standing by me and making sure I was comfortable and doing well as soon as I was out of surgery and each day thereafter. Even when I got home they helped me clean house and get my medicines and make sure I was comfortable. Luckily I had the prayers and best wishes from my family, my husband, by Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed, and several other family and friends who were all concerned about me and really cared about what happened to me. I am still weak and need to build up my strength some more, but I feel pretty great considering what I've been through these past few months.

This Wednesday I completed the last medical test that was required by Social Security, so that should lead to a decision in the next 2-3 weeks from now. I hope they decide for me, as I will never be able to qualify for work as I had done in the past. More about that later....


Well I Survived

Well, I survived the surgery and have been recovering at home. Thanks to both my daughters who helped and prayed and are trying to do everything to help me through this time. More Later......

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Well, here I go again! I'm scheduled for surgery again for this Monday. I sure hope to get this over with and stop my worrying. Wouldn't you know that the doctor had gotten called for jury duty and had to wait to find out when before he could be sure he could schedule me.

I'm very nervous about this surgery. I hope it comes off without any complications. Has anyone else had any experience with this surgery can tell me more about it? It's to open up a blockage of the carotid artery.


Dealing with Social Security

I've just gotten a letter from social security that they will dismiss my case unless I appear for their physicals and they will not re-schedule them a second time as each one were scheduled during a time when I was re-scheduled for surgery.

That means that if I don't appear this Friday that the 5 months I have waited thus far will be lost. I have to convince my doctor to do my surgery by Tuesday, so I can be out by next Thursday or else hold off my surgery until after next Friday and stand the possibility of my artery closing and having a huge stroke in the next few days.

I have been off my blood thinning meds for just over a week. I'm getting worried now...I pray to God that it all works out. After being a working woman for the past 36 or more years I deserve the disability money I worked for all those years. I certainly won't qualify for any new job if I tried to apply, and I would not be able to perform work like I did before the stroke. I have not been notified about when my surgery will be re-scheduled again.


Today, again for the second time my surgery was postponed this type due an emergency surgery for my doctor. The first time on September 27th was due to my blood being too thin and not clotting. I had to stay off my blood thinners all week so I will not bleed to death. Today the hospital called and told me about the emergency that called my doctor away. I am getting nervouse that I may have another stroke before the doctor is able to clear my artery of the obstruction. I'm waiting now for the surgery to be re-scheduled.

I got to hand it to my oldest daughter for sticking by me in this. There's a lot of running around and re-scheduling going on and she has been great trying to work with my schedules and be there for me. She drives me to everything as well as taking me grocery shopping and the bank. I owe her a lot for all her help. I love having her with me in times like this. She understands and stands by me in times of problems.