Dealing with Social Security

I've just gotten a letter from social security that they will dismiss my case unless I appear for their physicals and they will not re-schedule them a second time as each one were scheduled during a time when I was re-scheduled for surgery.

That means that if I don't appear this Friday that the 5 months I have waited thus far will be lost. I have to convince my doctor to do my surgery by Tuesday, so I can be out by next Thursday or else hold off my surgery until after next Friday and stand the possibility of my artery closing and having a huge stroke in the next few days.

I have been off my blood thinning meds for just over a week. I'm getting worried now...I pray to God that it all works out. After being a working woman for the past 36 or more years I deserve the disability money I worked for all those years. I certainly won't qualify for any new job if I tried to apply, and I would not be able to perform work like I did before the stroke. I have not been notified about when my surgery will be re-scheduled again.

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