Let me tell you about these GREAT Grandkids I have!

Now, Sarah age 7 going on 8 and Mathew or Buddy as we call him is now 4 going on 5 both in January and they are the children on my youngest daughter Wendy who is the more sensitive of my daughters, who reflects the quieter side of me, like I was as a young girl. She has had learned to be more outspoken in self defense as I did as I grew up.

Sarah is a beautiful shy young girl who loves her pet cat and it loves her tremendously too. She loves all animals and cherishes everything she owns and saves everything. She protects her things and tries to keep her little brother from destroying them. She does share willingly always keeping an eye on her things and keeping them close around her. She has the most beautiful olive skin and dark brown eyes that is someday going to mezmorize some young man into love with her. She a product of both the our Italian side and the American Indian other side of her heritage. She is smart and amazes me with her capacity for genuine love and tenderness. She has a talent for art like her Mother and me, and possibly may pursue further studies in that direction, who knows! If you got the talent, you should use it. I did for a while, but I didn't go far enough to make it a career. I just never made a lot of money from it.

Mathew, or Buddy is a charming and smart 4 year old. He's still slow in talking clearly, but he has no trouble asking for what he wants, and he's not inhibited in showing his smarts. He's been able to play computer games that would stump an older kid since he was old enough to move a mouse and sit up at the computer. He's big enough to look like a 7 year old, and who knows, might become a great football player or something, but I'm betting that soon he will show us that he has great things in that little mind of his and could be the next Einstein or whatever he chooses in his future. He is loving and has no qualms in showing it with great hugs and kisses. I see great things for this kid someday, just wait and see.....

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Mallard said...

You have very handsome and sweet grandchildren. It's really lovely to see a nanna so proud and boastful of her 'quiver-full'! Whoo hoo! Yes, sarah has very distinctive features. But each of them is individually special - to you and their parents and friends. Maybe we could set my boys up with your granddaughters... just kidding!
Mal :o)