Our Little Guy FINALLY had his tonsils out!

Just to update, our brave little guy, Matthew, finally had his operation to remove his big tonsils and adnoids on Thursday, May 24th. The doctor also did some biopsies and looked at his throat and lungs with a scope, but found nothing else suspicious yet. Still waiting for the results of the biopsies. As of Saturday morning he was still hurting pretty bad and is on antibiotics. He still refuses to eat and even wont drink much either. He has lost at least 50 lbs or more and really looks gaunt. Hope the docs come up with something to help this young man. He's got all of us worried yet.

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Holiday everyone! We spent some time on Saturday re-scheduling our picnic with the family from at the park to our house early Saturday morning after waking up to thunder showers!

We had the whole car packed and ready to go when the storm blew in. Instead I had the whole family come over my house to eat. Luckily the storm paused for a little while so I could grill the burgers outside instead of having to make them on the stove. The kids all came over and it was nice, but not as nice as at the park.

The Hubby and Me just took it easy today and we grilled two half chickens for dinner and roasted baked potatoes. It was mmmm mmm good! Even the neighbors next door were grilling burgers and dogs at their yard with their son and grandkids. We had our stereo playing a tape of Hank Williams Jr.'s music, and to our surprise, the new neighbor lady and her husband yelled over, that they love his music too! They where standing by the fence listening to the tunes, and singing along! We do the same, every time he sings a lot of his Dad's Oldies but goodies , those songs like Jumbolia, and Kalijia, and Your Cheating Heart! (oops, hope I spelled them right) I remember my Momma jumping and floating to them, and singing her heart out to the same songs while working around the house when I was a kid, very happy memories,.... Memories of days gone by....... Remember all the others , loved ones who have past, and honor them today... I know I have.



I went to my Grandson, Darin's, award night last night and we were SO Proud of that boy! He managed to be on the honor roll for ALL 4 SEMESTERS this year. (7th grade) He won a Bronze medal of achievment and a certificate for doing so well. GREAT JOB ! We LOVE him bunches!



Well, this is our front door and old little porch. And this is the new frame for the new 5'x14' porch deck that the contractor is framing in for us now.. It will have that new plastic wood decking and two white pillars holding it up. Cant wait to see it finished. (the cement slab porch will be torn down.)

This is where the kitchen wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed. Now the chimney and the furnace is gone and the whole room is opened up! Next comes the new floor and painting, along with new Island counter in the middle and new counter tops and new windows...

This is the new high efficiency furnace installed in the closet in the utility room. Really nice and quiet!


Sarah in her school Concert

Sarah played a butterfly in a new concert at school. The class wore different bug masks in a story about a bunch of bugs going to a neighborhood park to partake in a left behind picnic basket. It was just great and the story line and songs were so CUTE !


Happy Mother's Day to all! We had a great day Saturday, the whole family and the grandkids joined us at Stoney Creek Metropark for a family picnic. It was a little cool in the morning, but then it turned pretty nice and sunny after about 11 a.m. We brought hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob, and Caroline helped with making our favorite potatoe salad. Grandpa and the boys, Darin and Matthew, kept a bonfire going in one of the parks grills to keep warm, and the girls, Sarah and Amber, got to ride bikes around the picnic grounds. My girls, Caroline and Wendy gave me a big Mother's day kiss! It was a grand day for all.
Well, this has been a busy month, on May 1st we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. It seems sometimes like yesterday, but so many things have filled the time, children and now grandchildren. What an experience it has been. AND now on Monday, May 7th was my 58th Birthday and if it wasn't for the aching bones and muscles, my mind still feels like in my 30's. My kids gave me cards and we did the little picnic to celebrate all of it, including Mother's day. Boy! How time flies when your having fun!........


Work Has Begun!

This is the orginal house, and now the new 3rd bedroom is starting to be attached....

This is two pics of the half wall between our kitchen and Dining Room. as it was. ( it contained our old furnace) Now its ALL GONE!
The furnace that was enclosed into the kitchen will soon be gone and installed into a closet inside our laundry room. New Windows will be installed later in the old dining room and new pergo floors will come after that!

This is our old closet, and then an existing hallway just behind it with a coat closet and door to outside. The original closet is gone, and the little hallway will be our NEW WALK IN CLOSET! The door to outside will be removed and closed off!

Now the closet is gone- and the hallway will become the closet!


Next the bathroom will be completely redone with whirlpool tub and new surround, and a new higher toilet set. Pics to follow. The whole house is completely in a turmoil as work begins and I dont know where to put everything, ( out of the contractors way), and theres still a new roof over all and a new front porch to be built yet.... our side kitchen door will dissapear and a new garden window will replace it.