Work Has Begun!

This is the orginal house, and now the new 3rd bedroom is starting to be attached....

This is two pics of the half wall between our kitchen and Dining Room. as it was. ( it contained our old furnace) Now its ALL GONE!
The furnace that was enclosed into the kitchen will soon be gone and installed into a closet inside our laundry room. New Windows will be installed later in the old dining room and new pergo floors will come after that!

This is our old closet, and then an existing hallway just behind it with a coat closet and door to outside. The original closet is gone, and the little hallway will be our NEW WALK IN CLOSET! The door to outside will be removed and closed off!

Now the closet is gone- and the hallway will become the closet!


Next the bathroom will be completely redone with whirlpool tub and new surround, and a new higher toilet set. Pics to follow. The whole house is completely in a turmoil as work begins and I dont know where to put everything, ( out of the contractors way), and theres still a new roof over all and a new front porch to be built yet.... our side kitchen door will dissapear and a new garden window will replace it.

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