YES, FRIENDS, I SPENT THE LAST WEEK AGAIN IN THE HOSPITAL FOR ANOTHER INFECTION ON MY BODY NEAR MY RIGHT hip THIS TIME! I got another abcess on my belly near the right hip bone. I spent from Sunday, April 5th to Monday April 13th in the hospital on IV antibiotics to heal this one. I missed Easter Sunday and I know that my Hubby missed me a lot. He came to see me at the hospital each day, but he only had the dogs for company during the day and nights. This infection grew from a quarter size to 11 inches long in 3 days flat! I saw my regular doctor on Saterday the 4th and he prescribed oral antibiotics to take until I could see the surgeon on Monday, but I could not make it till then and went in on Sunday the 5th. Im doing fine now and again have home nurses coming to help pack and bandage the wound for me. They say that the diabetes I have can make such infections blow up fast and to see my doctor as soon as I notice such a thing again. My sugar reading I have been monitoring, but just because I have diabetes the infections can multiply quickly within me. So I have to monitor them well.

On the other hand we did not celebrate with the kids, Caroline and her family left last Saturday on her vacation to see her sick Mother-in-law and wish her the best with her treatment. I know that sickness stresses both my girls and I dont mean to to that to them.