Happy New Year!

May this new year bring more prosperity and good things to all our family and friends

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A little bit of Christmas, happy kids!

Our dog, Bunny is learning to open her presents too! She loves the squeeky toys.

The kids put in their requests ahead of time, but couldnt open until Christmas. They were so glad to get the games systems of choice. Matthew got an x-box, Darin a Play Station 3, Amber got a new camera, a MP3 player and some movies she wanted, Sarah got a DS-i system and accessories. Matthew challenged Darin to get the highest scores first in their games!

The game/ match is on!

The kids playing games at the games table.

Aunty Sally, Uncle Ed, and cousin Steve joined us for dinner also. They enjoyed Galumpkys, Kielbasa, chicken, and ham and specially the cream pies for desert! They wrestled for first pieces of banana cream pie! LOL! Lordy so much left overs! We are freezing some of the ham for soups and eating the Galympkys and sausages for the last couple of days.

Today, Tuesday, Amber had spent the night with us after her Mom and Me went to Bingo together but didnt win anything. Caroline gave me a bingo bag for my daubers and a cushion for my bony butt when sitting throught Bingo. It worked too!

This morning Amber helped me put away my tree and my singing Christmas dolls so there is only the outside lights on the porch to put away this weekend. For New Years Eve we plan to buy two party pizzas and have the family over again in the evening to celebrate, but I doubt if anyone makes it to Midnight! No cooking involved! YAH!


Merry Christmas to All !!!

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Hoping that you and yours enjoy the food and gifts for the holidays and have good health! Enjoy and treasure the days to follow!


After Thanksgiving leftovers then to the Christmas band concert for Sarah

The family came over the day after Thanksgiving for seconds on the dinner leftovers. The kids played pool after dinner. Sarah, Amber on left, and Darin and Matthew on right.

I stopped to pickup Amber, then went to Wendy's house to take Sarah to her band concert at school. Here's their new kitten, its about 2-1/2 months old. Sarah, Amber and Matthew.

Here's Sarah going to her station with her coronet to play in both the Jazz band and then the concert band. She loves playing and is really good at it. She even writes her own music, then plays what she wrote.