After Thanksgiving leftovers then to the Christmas band concert for Sarah

The family came over the day after Thanksgiving for seconds on the dinner leftovers. The kids played pool after dinner. Sarah, Amber on left, and Darin and Matthew on right.

I stopped to pickup Amber, then went to Wendy's house to take Sarah to her band concert at school. Here's their new kitten, its about 2-1/2 months old. Sarah, Amber and Matthew.

Here's Sarah going to her station with her coronet to play in both the Jazz band and then the concert band. She loves playing and is really good at it. She even writes her own music, then plays what she wrote.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Great family times. Glad Sarah is enjoying her music - go for it!!!! wOOt!

momma/mary said...

People don't realize that sometimes things taste better the second day. I'm glad you had some one to help you it up. We were not a fortunate.