Subserviant CHICKEN! FROM Burger King

This is so COOL! There's a chicken guy in a chicken suit who does whatever you type it to do! at: http://www.subservientchicken.com/
You just got to try it.! Make sure you type taco bell, because he dances with a girl in it.


I got to go to a party!

My Aunty Sally was invited to a 50th birthday party for some neighbor friends at a hall and they had a troop of Polish Dancers do some classis folk dances to entertain the whole audience. They were great. I drove her because her husband was feeling under the weather, so we really enjoyed the dinner and the entertainment. They even had a band and lots of polka music. Reminds me of the day, when my Polish grandma wheeled me around the dance floor in a fast polka many years ago........ I know my toes were tapping!

A Beautiful day at the cider mill !

Amber posing with Grandpa
and a display of storybook land


Grandpa and Grandma with Amber in front of musical display. Blakes Cider Mill

It was a great day and the kids got to pet goats, baby chicks, and ponies. This place does a lot of animated animals and characters doing singing. There were a LOT of people there and lots more coming in when we were leaving. The pumpkins looked a little small, and sort of green yet, better to get one at the local grocery store than there. Theres a corn maze and a straw pile maze and pyramid to climb on. Great to watch the young ones, but us older guys just watched. Even got a hayride into the fields and back. My poor legs ached SO much after all that walking! Thank God I made it back to the car.


Happy Birthday Darin and Amber

Here's a pic of Amber on her 11th birthday last week and a pic of her about 1-2 years old, what a fine young lady shes become. I'm wishing her many more wonderous years of happiness. Aww! how cute they were.

HERE'S DARIN ON HIS 12TH BIRTHDAY CLOWNING IT UP FOR THE CAMERA. His was in August. And Darin, at about 2 years old in one of my favorite pics of him playing in a tire swing. My how the years have flown! Hope you have many more great years!