Happy Birthday Darin and Amber

Here's a pic of Amber on her 11th birthday last week and a pic of her about 1-2 years old, what a fine young lady shes become. I'm wishing her many more wonderous years of happiness. Aww! how cute they were.

HERE'S DARIN ON HIS 12TH BIRTHDAY CLOWNING IT UP FOR THE CAMERA. His was in August. And Darin, at about 2 years old in one of my favorite pics of him playing in a tire swing. My how the years have flown! Hope you have many more great years!

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Mallard said...

They seem to grow before your eyes at this age, don't they?!? My eldest turned 13 in August, and he's shot up about 4 inches in like 6 months.... he's now the same height as me (5' 10")!!! You're a wonderfully proud Nanna. Congratulations :)
Mal :o)