Yeah! Finally out of the hospital

Just a little post to let you know that I spent 5 days in the hospital for a leg abcess that had to be lanced. It started out a small one a pimple, but since it wouldnt pop open, it kept spreading along the leg till it was 6 inches down my leg. They cut it and drained it, and kept me on antibiotics for the 5 days.

I went in on Monday, 1/5 and came out on Friday 1/9. Thank God that they let me come home on Friday because I was going bonkers, not being able to sleep all night. I would sleep good for a few minutes, then wake and check the clock and it would be only 5 minutes later! This continued all night long! Five to 10 minutes at a time, ALL NIGHT! ( watching the clock go around the dial.) Even when I did get some sleep, someone was coming in waking me for blood pressures, testing sugar, or taking blood ALL NIGHT LONG! I hate hospitals!

The doctors have arranged for a visiting nurse to come daily to change the packing in the wound and bandage it up for me. The cut runs about 5 -6 inches long and 2 inches deep! This sore grew that big in only a couple days and it was deep and really sore. I have two prescriptions for antibiotics to take at home several times a day. I can live with that, as long as I am a home! What really kills me, is that the doctor that called the visiting nurses to come here were supposed to supply to me a bunch of bandages and gauze and give the nurses instructions on what he wanted done. This wasn't the case. I got nothing, and the nurse happened to have some gauzes in her own kit to do the job. She had to order some more sent to my house for this week coming up.

Well things are looking up now that Im home, and the nurse says healing is going well. I sure would'nt want to see anyone else I know have to go through this!

Hope you all are well and happy!