I can't believe the summer's about over- where did it go>???!!
In the middle of summer, it was too blazing hot to go out and really enjoy and now, all of a sudden, its turned wet and cool and yucky outside. I didn't even get a dip once in the pool, the kids did, some, but even they didn't want to go in when it was sooo hot! Now I can look forward to cooler, hopefully nice weather running around the cider mills and enjoying a little of what they call Indian summer before it starts to get really cold and miserable. Let's hope anyway.

The hubby and I spent a few weekends fishing off our boat and messing around fixing it. The grandkids had a ball teasing me with all their accomplishments in the game of Runescape and I got to say, that I'm quite proud of the progress that I made in the game. I'm a level 60 combat and have done a lot of the quest within my range of doing. The grandkids all have made one trip to the State Fair and they love seeing the animals and all the rides and stuff there.

School starts next week for all of them I guess and I am really sure that the Moms are glad of that. (Awww! for a quiet day while the kids are in school) Wink wink!

I have shut down and covered the pool already with the help of Caroline, and when the flowers start to die off, Wendy will be there helping me chop them down and clean out the flower beds for me. ( I dont know about you, but it seems that this year has just flown by and I dont remember what I did for most of it.)

I did go out and get a short haircut this summer and had the hairdresser color it and put a few highlights in it. Always had pretty long hair, (passed the shoulders) but this time I went for a very short hairdue. I have some longer parts at the top and I have liked it for a change. Seems that that old gray hair wont curl or style like the old real hair used to.
Well I hope that everyone has a great and safe Labor Day ! Have fun, but not TOO much fun! lol!
See ya all later........