Grandma goes to school for Grandparents and Special Friends Day

< Sarah, age 8, (on right, front, Red shirt) with her girlfriend in the 3rd grade class.

Matthew age 5, in his Kindergarten class. Guess who's the biggest kid in his class. He has a crimson shirt on. Their singing a spider song along with a recording.

When I came in the class, Sarah's teacher had each guest sit behind the kids we were there to see, and each child interviewed us about when we were born, our favorite playground game, (mine was kickball), our favorite book, (mine was Peter Pan), and I told her that's why I nicknamed her Mother as Wendy- a favorite name from the book, and what school I went to, (which was Roosevelt).
The kids then introduced us and read one of our comments that they had learned about from the interview. Sarah showed me her class books and she gave me a cookie shaped like a apple that she decorated. They had punch for the guests.
Later my daughter, Wendy, took me down to the Kindergarten class to see Matthew's class and the snacks they made from a rice cake iced in peanut butter and decorated like a spider with pretzel legs and eyes made of a couple mini marshmellows and two raisins. He then put two red licorish strings for antenna. After they ate, the whole class sat in the front of the room and sang a spider song while demonstrating the spiders walking on their legs, stomach, throat, and face and head. How cute was that!
Both kids are born in January, so they had to wait another year for school, so they are older than most of the kids in their class.
I think all the grandparents and Aunts and Friends had a great time visiting the kids in their classrooms, I know I did, except the tiny little chairs were hard to get out of !!! LOL!

One student in Sarah's class had his Grandpa there, and his Grandpa had gone to the SAME school and THE SAME CLASSROOM when he was small, many years ago! How neat was that!

THIS is the PROUD GRANDMA (ME) with her two beautiful Grandkids, Matthew and Sarah, and the kids are smiling big that Grandma was able to come to this Special Day ! (thanks for Wendy and Mark for picking me up)
( if you look to the right beside my ear, there is a picture of Matthew tacked onto the drawing of hands he drew in class)


Grandma will go to school for Grandparents day.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Sarah and Matthew's school for a Grandparents day celebration in Royal Oak. I hope to get some good pics of my two youngest Grandchildren. Looking forward to it.

Amber Turns 10!

Amber turned 10 on Monday, September 26th and I am so proud of my big girl! She is so lively and loving, and we love her so MUCH! We took this pic at a neighborhood park, where we played with Sarah and Matthew. LOOK, she is almost as tall as ME! What happened to that little tyke that you could pick up with one hand? How the years are flying!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more young lady!


Double Vision??

I was watching the grandchildren one day until their father got home from work. I wanted to experiment with my camera, so I stood each grandkid in front of a huge mirror in my dining room and snapped a dual image of both kids. I had to black out the background images of the room and got these neat pics! This one is Darin, and below is Amber . What do ya think?


You weren't human in your past life, you were
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How did you die in your past life? (for everyone)
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OH! To be able to turn back the clock!

This is a copy of my high school graduation picture WAY back in 1967. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and become that young looking face once more. The years have taken a tole on my face and turned me into a twin to my grandma. I look into a mirror and see someone I don't recognise as me. I've had a tough life, over the years, but the person I see in the mirror looks more like a 60 year old than a 56 year old woman. ALTHOUGH, in my heart, I still see myself this way, in my head, only I am much more knowledgable about life. The gray hairs I see now,are just not the me I pictured back then.

Any of my blogging pals feel the same way? I challege you to post your pictures of the best of yourself...............whenever that would be.


Sunday is Grandparents Day

To all those Grandparents (Like me)

Happy Grandparents Day!
Thanks to FLOWGO.com


AWW! Summer is leaving SOON!

I can't believe summer is almost over and I don't know how it snuck by so fast. I have been experimenting with my digital camera over the last year and got some good shots of the lovely flowers in my yard and around the little pond in my back yard. You will notice the little birdies and the variety of sweet fairys that have inhabited and enjoyed my gardens too. We can look at these and dream, when the snow is flying and making us miserable.


I've been so busy

Forgive me for not writing for so long. I have been working diligently on a family tree blog for my kids and grandkids for several days. I have documented my husband's family and mine as far back as we know so far, which extends to both our great, great grandfathers, with pictures when we had some. With the help of older Aunty's and cousins who had any information to add to what we have, and pictures they donated to us, we have found out a lot about our heritage. I am sorry that we know no other languages like French or Italian, otherwise I would pursue even further back into our heritage. I find that the information we have so far, is so exciting, that I would love to find out even more. We even heard from a distant cousin who lives in California, who was also researching the family tree and had found our name in a website. She provided both pictures from Italy, and further information about my husband's common great great grandparents. Even writing an Italian artist with a common last name, gave us information that there is a city in Northern Italy with our last name, that might indicate that his family might have originated there, long ago, and then migrated to Sicily later.
Does anyone have the same kind of interests in researching their past, and have any suggestions on how to proceed?