I've been so busy

Forgive me for not writing for so long. I have been working diligently on a family tree blog for my kids and grandkids for several days. I have documented my husband's family and mine as far back as we know so far, which extends to both our great, great grandfathers, with pictures when we had some. With the help of older Aunty's and cousins who had any information to add to what we have, and pictures they donated to us, we have found out a lot about our heritage. I am sorry that we know no other languages like French or Italian, otherwise I would pursue even further back into our heritage. I find that the information we have so far, is so exciting, that I would love to find out even more. We even heard from a distant cousin who lives in California, who was also researching the family tree and had found our name in a website. She provided both pictures from Italy, and further information about my husband's common great great grandparents. Even writing an Italian artist with a common last name, gave us information that there is a city in Northern Italy with our last name, that might indicate that his family might have originated there, long ago, and then migrated to Sicily later.
Does anyone have the same kind of interests in researching their past, and have any suggestions on how to proceed?


Mallard said...

My brother is the one in our family who'd researched outr family tree, and he's actually slowly writing a book about it! Intreiguing stuff is the whole geneology stuff, hey? Enjoy your journey of discovery.

I know there are some websites... geneology.com (org?) and places like that might be a place to start... also do a google seach of your family name and see where that leasd you... just some ideas off the top of my head :)

gammamoma said...

Hi Mal! yes, I know about the websites about geneology, but they dont research Canada in French (Quebec) Or France either,or in Italy (Sicily) For my husbands' family