Grandma goes to school for Grandparents and Special Friends Day

< Sarah, age 8, (on right, front, Red shirt) with her girlfriend in the 3rd grade class.

Matthew age 5, in his Kindergarten class. Guess who's the biggest kid in his class. He has a crimson shirt on. Their singing a spider song along with a recording.

When I came in the class, Sarah's teacher had each guest sit behind the kids we were there to see, and each child interviewed us about when we were born, our favorite playground game, (mine was kickball), our favorite book, (mine was Peter Pan), and I told her that's why I nicknamed her Mother as Wendy- a favorite name from the book, and what school I went to, (which was Roosevelt).
The kids then introduced us and read one of our comments that they had learned about from the interview. Sarah showed me her class books and she gave me a cookie shaped like a apple that she decorated. They had punch for the guests.
Later my daughter, Wendy, took me down to the Kindergarten class to see Matthew's class and the snacks they made from a rice cake iced in peanut butter and decorated like a spider with pretzel legs and eyes made of a couple mini marshmellows and two raisins. He then put two red licorish strings for antenna. After they ate, the whole class sat in the front of the room and sang a spider song while demonstrating the spiders walking on their legs, stomach, throat, and face and head. How cute was that!
Both kids are born in January, so they had to wait another year for school, so they are older than most of the kids in their class.
I think all the grandparents and Aunts and Friends had a great time visiting the kids in their classrooms, I know I did, except the tiny little chairs were hard to get out of !!! LOL!

One student in Sarah's class had his Grandpa there, and his Grandpa had gone to the SAME school and THE SAME CLASSROOM when he was small, many years ago! How neat was that!

THIS is the PROUD GRANDMA (ME) with her two beautiful Grandkids, Matthew and Sarah, and the kids are smiling big that Grandma was able to come to this Special Day ! (thanks for Wendy and Mark for picking me up)
( if you look to the right beside my ear, there is a picture of Matthew tacked onto the drawing of hands he drew in class)


caroline said...

awwwwwww how cute they are! wish my kids school did something like that so my kids could show off their grandma

wendy said...

That was the best day this year.the kids had alot of fun showing off thier grandma to everyone.the kids thanks to have a Grandma tha could go still to thier school things.Mom's been to a few.I'm glad I got to injoy it myself too.the school really made it fun.

wendy said...

I have to add Grandma's got her smile back I see.

Dak-Ind said...

isnt it wonderful getting to spend that kind of time with kids... and knowing you dont have to go home with them?!?! I agree with Caroline, i wish my sons school did things like that. his grandmothers would have enjoyed it.