Another Kids project in Crochet

Another of Amber's best friends named Linsey wanted a horse toy from me. In the meantime, I am still working on a sweater vest for Wendy. I got the back of the sweater done, and most of one side in the works so far.
In my rest time I worked on this little horsie. I had just a little of this color yarn left so I had to scale back the pattern from the original plan, but Im please with it as it turned out. The pattern showed straight legs in the back, but Amber said it should curve back like a dogs legs do, so, I tried. Even made a little saddle on his back LOL! Hope she likes it! The color is not really pink, but more like peach. Closest I had to tan.


A New Penguin Personality,

Amber asked for one more Penguin for one her best friends, named Mercedes. This one has its own personality unlike all the rest. Hes another cutie!

Now on to making a sweater for my daughter Wendy, this one will take a while.

Amber has a few others friends that want little toy animals as a mascot for their group of friends. One wants a horse, another wants a tiger cat. Looks like I'll be busy for a while. Im having so much fun with these things!


A Big surprise for Caroline!

Last month, Caroline and I were shopping at the Joeanne Fabrics store looking for more yarn for our projects. Caroline found a free pattern for a shawl in this beautiful design. She said, "You can make this for me, Mom". I told her yes its pretty and stuck the pattern in my purse. I really didnt look at it much in the store or have any plans for it till I got home, and decided, Yes, I can do this! I decided to start it and make it a surprise for her. It took several weeks to finish it, but I finished it last night, then drove over her house to deliver the surprise. SHE LOVES IT!

The picture showed a much smaller girl posing with it, and I could had made it somewhat bigger than it is, but Caroline is happy with the results. I figure that she can have it for a long time in rememberance of me. It was a very neet project to do.


A Penguin toy for Matthew!

This is another design for a Penguin that I found, and I like it a LOT! Matthew likes playing CLUB PENGUIN also, so I wanted a different design from the one I made for Sarah. To me it looks like a "dancing feet" penguin and he's a baby chick. LOL! Hope he likes it. Wendy will come on Friday to help me clean house and she can take it to him then.

Side view on baby Penguin.

Rear view showing tail.

Love it! Now I got one more Penguin to make for Amber's girlfriend Mercedes, the girlfriends all want different animals for a mascot for their group. Other animals they have requested is a tiger, and a horsey. Their keeping me busy!


The Penguin Toy, for Sarah!

This little Penguin is for my Wendy's daughter, Sarah. both Sarah and Matthew love to play a game online called CLUB PENGUIN, where your character is a penguin and you get to play games online with others kid's penguins and make an igloo house and decorate it.

Now I am setting up to make another Penguin for Matthew, and I have a different patter in mind for this one.


I have been invited by Amber's 2 girlfriends to make some more little animals for them, after they saw the piggy I made for Amber. Sounds like I have a full slate of things to make for a while. My daughter, Wendy also requested me to make her a sweater vest in black, that opens in the front. I just bought the yarn, in a nice black with little flecks of yellow, red, white and blue dispersed within it.
Im gonna be a busy Mom for a little while. LOL!
PS: I've been working on a surprise project for someone else, but Im not telling who for. HE HE HE!



Well, Amber inspired me to try this. She saw a piggy pattern at the yarn store and asked if she could have one made for her, Her Mom mentioned this to me, so I sought a pattern online for a toy Piggy. This one has angel wings too!
Not bad for a first try! Gave it to Amber this afternoon. She always loved stuffed animals., specially pigs. Im searching for more toy patterns for other animals, or dolls since I have a big bag of stuffing to use up now.
At the moment I decided to crochet a pair of baby booties to go with the sweater and hat I made for the niece's baby then I'll send them off. Any Ideas what else I could crochet next?


TA DA! The first baby sweater I ever made!

Well, I just finished it this morning, a baby sweater and a tammy cap for my nieces new baby named Ashlen Hope ! I followed the measurements and instructions from a pattern I found online. Its supposed to fit up to 9 months. It all half double crochet stitches. What a job, but so nice, I couldn't wait to finish it!

Now to find a pattern for a toy that Amber requested, she likes pigs, so Ill try to find one for
that. Remindes me of that day, years ago, I was 5 or 6 yrs old, when my Mom crocheted a baby lamb for me, I carried that Lamby around for years, till it started to fall apart at the seams!


Another Crochet project

Last Night I finished a sweater vest for Amber. You cant see it far away, but the yarn has threads of 3 shades of dark blue in it. She says she likes it, but she took this pic, just after waking up for school, so she looks sleepy.. Its not perfect, but I did it all by measurements, and I didnt even measure Amber first! Not bad thought for a first piece of clothing.

I also make a matching choker necklace, and a little bracelet to go with the sweater.
Next project, a baby sweater for a niece who just had a baby girl. Wish me luck!