The Penguin Toy, for Sarah!

This little Penguin is for my Wendy's daughter, Sarah. both Sarah and Matthew love to play a game online called CLUB PENGUIN, where your character is a penguin and you get to play games online with others kid's penguins and make an igloo house and decorate it.

Now I am setting up to make another Penguin for Matthew, and I have a different patter in mind for this one.


I have been invited by Amber's 2 girlfriends to make some more little animals for them, after they saw the piggy I made for Amber. Sounds like I have a full slate of things to make for a while. My daughter, Wendy also requested me to make her a sweater vest in black, that opens in the front. I just bought the yarn, in a nice black with little flecks of yellow, red, white and blue dispersed within it.
Im gonna be a busy Mom for a little while. LOL!
PS: I've been working on a surprise project for someone else, but Im not telling who for. HE HE HE!

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momma/mary said...

Another charming animal to join the menagerie at Momma's Place. You do have a knack for creating fun things Paula.