A Big surprise for Caroline!

Last month, Caroline and I were shopping at the Joeanne Fabrics store looking for more yarn for our projects. Caroline found a free pattern for a shawl in this beautiful design. She said, "You can make this for me, Mom". I told her yes its pretty and stuck the pattern in my purse. I really didnt look at it much in the store or have any plans for it till I got home, and decided, Yes, I can do this! I decided to start it and make it a surprise for her. It took several weeks to finish it, but I finished it last night, then drove over her house to deliver the surprise. SHE LOVES IT!

The picture showed a much smaller girl posing with it, and I could had made it somewhat bigger than it is, but Caroline is happy with the results. I figure that she can have it for a long time in rememberance of me. It was a very neet project to do.


♥Caroline♥ said...

I Love it!!! and who knows, i may be a much smaller girl in awhile!

gammamoma said...

Yes you ARE! LOVE IT!

momma/mary said...

A beautiful shawl Paula and a keepsake I'm sure Caroline will treasure for years to come. I will be watching for the picture of her as she nears her goal weight wearing this shawl.