Another Kids project in Crochet

Another of Amber's best friends named Linsey wanted a horse toy from me. In the meantime, I am still working on a sweater vest for Wendy. I got the back of the sweater done, and most of one side in the works so far.
In my rest time I worked on this little horsie. I had just a little of this color yarn left so I had to scale back the pattern from the original plan, but Im please with it as it turned out. The pattern showed straight legs in the back, but Amber said it should curve back like a dogs legs do, so, I tried. Even made a little saddle on his back LOL! Hope she likes it! The color is not really pink, but more like peach. Closest I had to tan.

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momma/mary said...

I think the peach pony could win the hearts of all who see it. You do have a talent Paula!