Merry Christmas at Grandma's House!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, the family got together tonight to celebrate Christmas and have dinner at Grandma's house. Dinner consisted of Galumpky's ( stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce), Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, Smoked sausage, sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, corn and green beans and a huge lettuce and tomato salad. My Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed came with my cousin Steve and the gang loved the food. I think Ed had a piece of most of the pies and also a piece of cake.

Amber brought a couple of her music CDs and we had fun beebopping to some of the hits on it. Caroline and I really like the new song by PINK, called "SO WHAT". It has a great beat and we were really bopping to that one. After dinner Amber, Darin, Matthew, Sarah and Amanda (my step granddaughter) were sitting around our stereo playing more of her new music. The kids played checkers on the table in our pool table room and were chatting.

Here is Frank and Caroline after they just come in.

Here is Amber, Sarah, Matthew and Amanda playing checkers. This is our pool table room,/play room, we have a pinball game and a shuffel board also in there.

This is Darin by the Buffet counter with the food on it.

Here is Matthew and Sarah. Aren't they getting big? Sarah will be 12 the end of January and Matthew will be 10 the middle of January. How time flies!

How cute! Amber giving Darin a hug!

Caroline, Amber eating with Cousin Steve and Frank.

My Lovely Aunt Sally with her handsome hubby Ed.

My two girls! Caroline and Wendy.

It was my delight to have the whole family together with me tonight and be one together again. With Caroline's work schedule, working her both day and night each week, we always have to check her schedule before we can plan a day like today. I'm just to happy to have all those that I love so much getting together with me for a day. Makes all the work cooking worth it to me.
I hope however you celebrate the Holidays that everything comes out as great, or greater that what we have had!


Butterfly Award For ME! ?

Well, Caroline nominated me for this award, and I have to nominated her blog also, even if she is my precious daughter, she has amazed me with her wit and humor in portraying to others her life and family in her blog.

I also nominate Mal for this award because he was one of the first to visit and comment on my blog, but he is very interesting in his blog in a Aussie way, lol, and he amazes me with his stories and his children and his band.

I also nominate Momma at Momma's Corner for her humor and wit in portraying her life and times with her family and her animals, she got me beat in her tennacity to get things done. Im amazed with her stories, and she makes me laugh.

I also nominate Naomi the old lady of the hills, for her love of people, nature and her lovely photos of birds, bees, and her lovely flowers.

And Lastly, MISS ZOOT, who I read daily for her humor, her lovely, beautiful kids, and wonderful artistry in producing a great blog read.

Sorry, as of yet, I dont have so many to add, but I'm meeting and hearing from new friends all the time. I reserve the right to nominate others that I find as time goes on.

The rules for this award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you

3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award

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Happy Holidays!

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From Our House to yours Seasons Greetings


Sara's First Band Concert

Sarah has been practicing big time for this concert at school, in her first semester of taking band this year in 6th grade. Grandma and Grandpa has signed to pay the rental cost for her so she can be musical. She's doing a great job so far, based on what we heard her playing at our house for Thanksgiving. The school has a very small stage with over 100 Students in band this year! There was very little seating up close for a huge crowd, so we could not see the kids on stage in the far back rows we were behind some big people in front of us. We could hear the band well, but just couldnt see them. We took these pics after the show where we could get some better shots.

I brought her cousin, Amber and a school friend of Amber's who wanted to come along, and Wendy brought Amanda Sarah's 16 year old half sister as well as Matthew, Sarah's little brother.

Here's Sarah tooting her horn
Amanda, Sarah's big sister
Amber and her school friend (left)
Matthew, Sarah's (BIG) Little Bro.


What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving together with my girls, the grandkids, my elderly Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed and my Cousin Steve.


Caroline came over on Wednesday with her kids and helped chop the vegies and peel the potatoes for dinner, they they all helped clean my floors and wipe the tables and vacuum my house. (Caroline even cleaned the filters for my vacuum cleaner)

I just had to assemble the stuffing and put the turkeys in the oven and baste them, then put the potatoes on to cook. I had two turkeys again, because traditionally we have the kids over again on Friday to help eat up all the leftovers, so we have actually have two dinners each year. The first small turkey was used up on Thursday, plus half of the second one.

On Thursday Caroline came over earlier and made deviled eggs from the eggs i boiled and help me set up the buffet table with cheese and crackers and set out the vegie tray with Ranch dressing. Only Sarah and Wendy came for dinner as Mark and Matthew were feeling poorly from flu symptoms, and at 1pm my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin came.

My Uncle Ed is now 95 (but you would never believe his age by looking at him) and I believe Sally is now about 87 or 88. They are beautiful people and have been a source of love and support for all my life. Sally has been like a second Mother to me since my Mom died several years ago.

Frank and Darin helped drain and mash the potatoes and set it into the trays for the buffet. Everyone feasted and were raving about how good the food was.

After dinner we brought out the pumpkin pies, the jello, the apple pie, the cherry pie and the banana cream pie, Steve even brought me a plate of mixed fruit. Everyone were wanting a nap after such a great meal.

Wendy then wrapped all the left overs and washed the dishes and pans for me and fixed a couple plates to go home to poor Mark and Matthew to saver the feast.

All cleaned up and waiting now for the CHRISTMAS FEAST TO COME! I cant thank my family enough for all their help before and after to make this feast happen, and without which I dont think this old lady could have pulled it off!

I was so busy that day that I didnt even get out my camera to take pics, so with the help of Caroline and her camera, here is a glimpse into out big day..........

Darin and Grandpa chatting in the family room

Caroline, Frank , Darin and Amber

Sweet Aunty Sally

Uncle Ed and Cousin Steve

Cutie Amber

Wendy - Frank in Background