What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving together with my girls, the grandkids, my elderly Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed and my Cousin Steve.


Caroline came over on Wednesday with her kids and helped chop the vegies and peel the potatoes for dinner, they they all helped clean my floors and wipe the tables and vacuum my house. (Caroline even cleaned the filters for my vacuum cleaner)

I just had to assemble the stuffing and put the turkeys in the oven and baste them, then put the potatoes on to cook. I had two turkeys again, because traditionally we have the kids over again on Friday to help eat up all the leftovers, so we have actually have two dinners each year. The first small turkey was used up on Thursday, plus half of the second one.

On Thursday Caroline came over earlier and made deviled eggs from the eggs i boiled and help me set up the buffet table with cheese and crackers and set out the vegie tray with Ranch dressing. Only Sarah and Wendy came for dinner as Mark and Matthew were feeling poorly from flu symptoms, and at 1pm my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin came.

My Uncle Ed is now 95 (but you would never believe his age by looking at him) and I believe Sally is now about 87 or 88. They are beautiful people and have been a source of love and support for all my life. Sally has been like a second Mother to me since my Mom died several years ago.

Frank and Darin helped drain and mash the potatoes and set it into the trays for the buffet. Everyone feasted and were raving about how good the food was.

After dinner we brought out the pumpkin pies, the jello, the apple pie, the cherry pie and the banana cream pie, Steve even brought me a plate of mixed fruit. Everyone were wanting a nap after such a great meal.

Wendy then wrapped all the left overs and washed the dishes and pans for me and fixed a couple plates to go home to poor Mark and Matthew to saver the feast.

All cleaned up and waiting now for the CHRISTMAS FEAST TO COME! I cant thank my family enough for all their help before and after to make this feast happen, and without which I dont think this old lady could have pulled it off!

I was so busy that day that I didnt even get out my camera to take pics, so with the help of Caroline and her camera, here is a glimpse into out big day..........

Darin and Grandpa chatting in the family room

Caroline, Frank , Darin and Amber

Sweet Aunty Sally

Uncle Ed and Cousin Steve

Cutie Amber

Wendy - Frank in Background



caroline said...

pics look familiar ...lol...I see that you got the comments working:)

Team Gherkin said...

Gald u got the comments working again. Ahhh, the joys of changing to a different template, huh? lol

Those are good photos... as Caroline said... they seem familiar? rofl.

All you people in the USofA ever seem to do over Thanksgiving is EAT to excess! rofl.

Mal :)