Sara's First Band Concert

Sarah has been practicing big time for this concert at school, in her first semester of taking band this year in 6th grade. Grandma and Grandpa has signed to pay the rental cost for her so she can be musical. She's doing a great job so far, based on what we heard her playing at our house for Thanksgiving. The school has a very small stage with over 100 Students in band this year! There was very little seating up close for a huge crowd, so we could not see the kids on stage in the far back rows we were behind some big people in front of us. We could hear the band well, but just couldnt see them. We took these pics after the show where we could get some better shots.

I brought her cousin, Amber and a school friend of Amber's who wanted to come along, and Wendy brought Amanda Sarah's 16 year old half sister as well as Matthew, Sarah's little brother.

Here's Sarah tooting her horn
Amanda, Sarah's big sister
Amber and her school friend (left)
Matthew, Sarah's (BIG) Little Bro.


caroline said...

Nice job Sarah!!! You played wonderfully at Grandma's...you got talent!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Always good to hear about young people playing music - and enjoying it! go for it!!!

Mal :)

diana said...

that's too bad you couldn't see the musicians up on stage. but how cool that your granddaughter is playing an instrument. i'm sure she's thankful for your help in that endeavor. i think it's important for kids to be exposed to music and/or art.