HELP! I own on old RCA video recorder (circa 1989/1990) with the C type film cartridges and spent $80 for a device to transfer the VHS into DVD on my new computer.......... BUT....... the Video/Audio IN cable that came with my camera is defective and wont transfer the video out of the camera for ME! (It hooks into the back of the camera with a rubber round head with multiple prongs, and the other end had and white and yellow plug in jack to deliver the audio/video to a VCR player.)
I have checked online in RCA's site for parts to order another one, but this camera is so old, and all they have is for the new ones. I even tried parts stores online. Anybody got a clue where I can find such a thing available anywhere?????? I even tried a phone book for dealers handling video equipment and No Such luck! I'm stumped, can anybody help me here?????


Matthew and Sarah's Birthdays are coming!

Well, tomorrow is Matthew's 6th BIRTHDAY and coming up on the 30th is Sarah's 9th Birthday. I just picked up their birthday cards, and as soon as I get the chance, I will have Wendy stop by and get their cards with money for them to spend on the latest game they are wanting for their game systems.. whatever. My little grandbabies are getting so grown up and I love them LOTS! HOPE THEIR BIRTHDAYS ARE THE GREATEST THIS YEAR!
Wendy's Birthday was just on January 3th and Marks' is TODAY I think! ( the 15th??) A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mark and Wendy..... and MANY MORE!


Daddy's got a flu bug or something:

My husband had been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days, and today I took his tempurature and it was 101.4! He's feeling better this evening, and a dose of Tylenol has helped his fever. No wonder he's been complaining of aching all over lately................... I sure hope that he don't give it to me..!


Caroline posted the new pics I took of Amber with her new haircut, reminds me a little of Buster Brown, but Amber looks good in any hairdo. _ Caroline got one too, but she didn't post her own pic up. (Want Momma to do it for you? Huh Caroline?)

Too bad both of my grandgirls hate to have their hair up in braids, or pony tails or anything, then they would look like my little princesses, like they did when they were little. They never kept it in very long though............ Everything came out, and hair flew free after a short time, even then. These girls are so active, it's hard to even make them STAND STILL for brushing their hair!

I understand Sarah got a hair trim after Christmas too, but I haven't gotten a pic of her since, and ..........this is funny.......... Matthew had a knock down, drag out fight with his Mom, when she attempted to bring the shears near HIS head....She had him pinned to his bed in a leg lock, but she couldn't reach the plug to plug in the shears! ..... HE WON! He claims he wants long hair like Harry Potter! A 6 year old that weighs over 100 lbs. and is as strong as a ox is too much for Wendy to wrestle with! So the hair stays,...... for the moment. he he he he!


Ha Ha! Mommy got a new scanner./ and printer combo today. It will take the place of the STUPID old one I had, that wont load on my new Hewlett Packard- Windows XP computer I just got last week! NANANA NA NANA!