HELP! I own on old RCA video recorder (circa 1989/1990) with the C type film cartridges and spent $80 for a device to transfer the VHS into DVD on my new computer.......... BUT....... the Video/Audio IN cable that came with my camera is defective and wont transfer the video out of the camera for ME! (It hooks into the back of the camera with a rubber round head with multiple prongs, and the other end had and white and yellow plug in jack to deliver the audio/video to a VCR player.)
I have checked online in RCA's site for parts to order another one, but this camera is so old, and all they have is for the new ones. I even tried parts stores online. Anybody got a clue where I can find such a thing available anywhere?????? I even tried a phone book for dealers handling video equipment and No Such luck! I'm stumped, can anybody help me here?????

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