Happy Easter!

We took the whole family to a Chinese restaurant called Mongolian Buffet for Easter Dinner. Everyone had a great time and a great meal, (saving Momma the cleanup later).


Amber WON the last set of Matches of the season! HERE'S PROOF!

Amber is in the red and black tights, and she pinned the boy within the FIRST MINUTE of the contest! (You can hear Caroline and Frank cheering for her in the background)

We're so proud of our big girl !!!!

And here are a few others of her team that won also!


AMBERS Team woooped butt on Clawson's team!

Here's the (war dance) they come in with on every home game! Such Intimidation!

See how big her team is compared to the opposition! They won all but 2 matches against Clawson.