OH! To be able to turn back the clock!

This is a copy of my high school graduation picture WAY back in 1967. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and become that young looking face once more. The years have taken a tole on my face and turned me into a twin to my grandma. I look into a mirror and see someone I don't recognise as me. I've had a tough life, over the years, but the person I see in the mirror looks more like a 60 year old than a 56 year old woman. ALTHOUGH, in my heart, I still see myself this way, in my head, only I am much more knowledgable about life. The gray hairs I see now,are just not the me I pictured back then.

Any of my blogging pals feel the same way? I challege you to post your pictures of the best of yourself...............whenever that would be.


caroline said...

for someone that should have been a corpse by now. Your not looking half bad mom!

But if you do what i caught you doing again, you will be sorry! I really don't want to go backwards again!

I love ya mom. Stick around. Enjoy the ride.

Mallard said...

Enjoy the journey! My fav pic of me was taken when I was about 5, sitting at my kindergarten desk!:

Dak-Ind said...

i love my own mothers graduation picture (in 1966) she was beautiful then, and she is beautiful now! you visited her site, soi had to come see yours. i am glad i did.

Faira said...

I see that your daughter and my daughter commented on this same posting!

I have enjoyed reading about your family very much and we do age in the raising of them, don't we! Ha, ha!

But keep in mind "Momma" that while our outside packaging may be aging our hearts will always sing!