Hubby is gonna retire early!

Well, this week my husband saw our doctor for the first time in a LONG time! He was sick with some kind of stomach flu for a week or more since Easter. He decided to see if the achy knees and other stuff that have been plaguing him even before he got laid off on 2/2/07 would be enough for him to try to file for dissablility social security. He's been suffering with them, and excessive tiredness for a couple years now, and the time off has not lessened the pain, but actually increased it. He held his own, trying to keep up the medical insurance and extra income to help me since I had my stroke and other illnesses. Now I am on Medicare since November, and I set up a policy with Blue Cross to cover the difference and Social Security set me up with coverage for my prescriptions. Now we have bought a individual policy for him, so he was able to see the doctor for him.
It shows that he has an acute case of emphisyma, as well a high count in his PSA blood count, (meaning he might be will be fighting prostrate cancer ). He's had and EKG, and x-rays of his chest and knees, and is scheduled for further tests on his bladder, kidneys, corotid arteries and his heart. The guy is really getting the treatment now, and he really needs it! Lets hope that it not too late for him to enjoy a little of his retirement time.

I'll let you know later, as we find out more after the tests........

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