A happy Easter! and much more!

Well, I sure hope that everyone had a very Happy Easter! My family and I went out and I treated them all to Country Buffet for an early dinner out. Poor Caroline, she wasn't able to go because they scheduled her to work from 9-5 and my Hubby didn't go either, because for the past 3-4 days he's had a stomach flue symptoms, and couldn't leave the house. He had light food, like a can of tomatoe soup, which was all that his stomach could handle. Ever one else had their fill of whatever they liked, and we all had fun. Little Matthew, still can't eat easily and his dinner just consisted of mashed potatoes and gravy. It was obvious that the little guy has lost at least 30 lbs. and was still not feeling well. He looks like a different kid now! Sure hope the 27th comes fast and he is scheduled fast to get those tonsils out! His parents and I are concerned about him.

Good news! We heard from our contractor, and he says that they will break ground this week for our new bedroom addition, and then soon after, the destuction, and reconstruction of the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom will begin.

I have taken lots of photos of the house that will change before the construction, and will match that with pics of the new spaces after the construction.

I have bought new appliances for the kitchen, as well as a new round table set with chairs, and a new living room set and tables for the living room, and I bought 2 new beds ( queens) one for my bedroom and one for the new bedroom being made. ( I have a king now, but never had a head and foot board, - Now ill have them) I have to hold the stores up for delivery untill work has progressed enough to get them brought it here. I CAN'T WAIT!
EVERY ONE - THINK SPRING- It seems that winter has not given up the battle, and it does not look like spring here at all! Temps in the 30s are not my idea of spring like weather! And OOOOOOH how I long for some good sunshine!


caroline said...

Poor Matthew...i hope that he feels better soon. Tonsils hurt! He will be glad to get rid of them.

I hope that the construction is quick and easy and no extra costs get involved.

Me want some nice spring weather too...i want to do some yard work :)

Team Gherkin said...

Good luck with it all. The upheaval of remodelling and construction in and around the house camn be... a 'challenge'! Good luck - and enjoy the changes when it's all complete too.

Hope Matthew aint feeling too flat not being able to eat much.

Thanx for sharing.

Mal :)

wendy said...

thanks for thinking of matthew and the easter dinner an baskets.

Anonymous said...

you have no clue how much joy it brought to me to see wendys new bedroom started ,thankyou jesus,hope it will be ready asap,god works in strange ways but he is never early and never late but always right on time when it realy matters,glad to see her get what is long long overdue,thank you jesus