Today, again for the second time my surgery was postponed this type due an emergency surgery for my doctor. The first time on September 27th was due to my blood being too thin and not clotting. I had to stay off my blood thinners all week so I will not bleed to death. Today the hospital called and told me about the emergency that called my doctor away. I am getting nervouse that I may have another stroke before the doctor is able to clear my artery of the obstruction. I'm waiting now for the surgery to be re-scheduled.

I got to hand it to my oldest daughter for sticking by me in this. There's a lot of running around and re-scheduling going on and she has been great trying to work with my schedules and be there for me. She drives me to everything as well as taking me grocery shopping and the bank. I owe her a lot for all her help. I love having her with me in times like this. She understands and stands by me in times of problems.

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