Let me tell you about my Grandkids!

Below you will find pics of my two oldest Grandkids, Darin who is 10 and Amber who is 9 now. They are the greatest Grandkids a Grandma could have. They are the children of my dear daughter Caroline who helps me so much and has shared so much of my pain and problems I've had with my health.

Darin is a smart and sensitive boy, sure he likes to tease his sister sometimes, but he's a good boy and is kind and easy going and will do anything for you without complaint. He loves his computer games and his Gameboy handheld and is naturally good at them. I have high hopes that he keeps the same attitude and really becomes a great young man someday. And I sure hope I will still be here to see him grow up and be all that he can be, and maybe see him marry some pretty little girl who will love his great personality.

Amber is a lover of animals and such an inquisitive,spunky, and opinionated young lady. That makes her so special. She can never have enought pets, and has several types in her managerie right now. She is ready and willing to adopt any lost or hurt animal, bird, and even baby field mice if she might find them slipped into her house. She even plays with insects outside and tries to nurse baby birds who have fallen out of their nests. Even if you tell her its impossible to save them, she has to try her darndest, even if she has to hide them and stay up all night and try to feed them worms or bread in secret. I admire her spunk and energy, of which she has enough for 10 kids her age. Still she can be a little girl, and a young lady and loves to help people in need of her help. Her teacher tells her mother that she loves to assist the other students who haven't quite caught on. Now if she wasn't so busy rearranging things constantly in her room, her Mother would like her to keep it neat for at least a day! LOL! I have great hopes for her to be some kind of vet or doctor and save the world, and be a independant strong young woman.
Next my two youngest Grandkids, Sarah and Mathew from my youngest daughters family.


caroline said...

ok mom...what do you want now..lol..
suck up :) just kidding...that was really sweet of you to say those things...

Mallard said...

Gandma's are always allowed the privilidge of bragging about their grandkids! It's wondeful to see! Thanks for being so excited about them in your blog - that's really nice. Good on you, Nanna!
I'm just slowly strolling thru your blog this evening. I hope you don't mind. I haven't read your children's book yet - I want to spend some good time apprteciating them.
Mal :o)