Grandma's a Ruinscape junkie

Gammamom is caught up in a fantasty world my grandkids brought me into. It's a game of knights and witches and all kinds of Goblins and other scary stuff and I am on a meriad of quests walking through a dreamland of wonderful places. My daughter, Wendy talked me into joining for a mear $5 per month so that I could build a house and enable me to participate in much more of this dreamworld. Grandma's got the bug, and as I see it, millions of other people also have it too. Why don't YOU stop by a www.runescape.com and see what all the fun is about.

I thought this was so funny and I just thought that everybody would like to take the time for this to load and watch. It's a skit of the evolution of dance and this guy can really dance like crazy :

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wendy said...

yes it's a way to chate to everyone and have a good time doing it together as a family we keep running into eachother sharing what we know and have and this is the only time i can give alot of things to one another just for fun