This has been a busy month

Boy, this has been a really busy month for me. On May 1st we, my husband and I, celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. Really doesn't feel like it's been that long, but as I look back, I guess it has been that long. A lot of things , good things, have happened in all those years.

On May 7th, last Sunday, I celebrated my 57th birthday. I want to say that this will be the last birthday that I WANT to celebrate. After this, I don't want to add any more years onto myself, because I can't bear to even think of looking at the big 60. So I declare that I will remain 57 for the rest of my life.... how does that sound? Tee Hee! Think I can pull that off? (didn't think so.)

And tomorrow is MOTHER"S DAY and I want to wish all the mothers and grandmothers out there a wonderful and gloriously happy and wonderful day.
Mother's Day Basket Mother's Day Dessert Mother's Day

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wendy said...

love you i hope you liked my gifts